Box Label ID



Can someone please clarify the labelling when sending pallets into Amazon.

We have always labelled our individual boxes with the FNSKU label then put the 4 pallet labels on when sending, we never put the box labels on as this seems like way to much labels on small individual boxes. We have sent in 100’s of pallets this way and never had an issue, now we have had 2 shipment errors ( Coventry & Doncaster ) saying that there are no Shipment ID labels on each box.


Hello @Tec_Chemicals_Ltd,

Each box that you include in the shipment must have its own FBA shipping label printed from your Shipping Queue.
On this link you can find more information.



We’ve the same issue. We send sellable units, up to 255 units on a pallet, manufactured by us and palletised for sending into Amazon sometimes 5 months before they are needed.
Supposedly we need to break down the pallet and stick 255 labels on.
Then the customer receives an additional FBA inbound shipping label.

I can’t help but think that whoever came up with this policy doesn’t realise that some people put sellable units onto the pallet rather than several units into an outer case for shipping.

Hopefully there will be some sense at some point.


We now label single SKU boxes & individual products with a box label, no outer, yes it is sometimes means a few hundred labels to apply.
Pain but “they know best”!