Brand name changed to generic


Has any else had there brand name for handmade changed to GENERIC and also some of my listings are now incomplete because the Country of origin has been removed and is now blank?


The same happened with some of my listings. I’ve changed most of them back but I had two with variants that I couldn’t change so I’ve just spoken to Seller support and they’re escalating it for me. They don’t know why it had happened. It was only my brand that was changed though, not Country of origin


The same has happened to me also, looks like all or most of my listings and i am unable to change them either. Looks like a long day tomorrow contacting seller support.


Every seller has been changed since they re-vamped the seller central page, same as usual creating more work for the seller to get it put right.
apart from it seems the sellers who are brand registered.


Ah I hate it it looks so bad, surely they could have come up with something better!


Mine wont let me upload new listings, saying you can’t use the brand name generic. Anyone else had this issue? I figured I would just wait a few days and see if it sorts itself out rather than spending all day looking for workarounds.


So the workaround for it, which means more work for the sellers is, go to manage listings next to each item click edit, then click on Vital info, then manually change it back from generic back to how you had it previously, some items it won’t let you but I have managed a few at 4 am this morning.


I’ve had the exact same issue with some listings switching to Generic over the past week. I managed to edit a few of them back to the correct brand name in the vital into tab, but I get an error for others telling that my brand name conflicts with the database. Seller support haven’t been much help, but I’ll keep plugging away and see if they can alter them. Glad to find I’m not the only one with this problem!


I have the same problem, most of my listing has changed to Generic. I can’t change it back.


I’m new and just created my first product.

I have also had Amazon confirmed the Brand name but my product is listed as Generic.

I see some people have mentioned navigating to the ‘vital info tab’ but when edit my product I don’t see any tab like this. There is the ‘Brand’ but this is greyed out and listed as Generic.

In fact, as a newbe I would truly appreciate some help as I can’t seem to find a telephone number or get a call from the Amazon support team and I know this is possible more because I’m new and don’t know exactly what I’m doing… aargh.

ALSO… although I created the product I have not got to the point of pushing stock to amazon so it is a brand new product never sold before.

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