Brand Name issues? We heard you!


In August, the Handmade team will be doing some work behind-the-scenes to ensure the correct Brand Name attribute is populated on all Handmade listings, so you may see some updates to your listings and detail pages, as a result.

We understand that sellers may have multiple approved brands so, based on your feedback, our efforts will include an update that will allow you to edit the Brand Name attribute yourself —as long as you are populating it with a brand name that you have been approved to use.

The Brand Name attribute is a required field as part of the listing process and is reserved for those sellers that have had their brand approved by Amazon Brand Registry or via Handmade’s Brand Feature Waiver. Sellers that have not had their brand name approved are required to select “This product does not have a brand name” , which will auto-populate the attribute with ‘Generic’. If you see Brand Name identified as ‘Generic’ , it’s likely because we couldn’t find an approved brand associated with your selling account.

For more information, see Amazon Brand Name Policy.


Hi @Hazel_Amazon
Could you clarify something for me regarding stores and Handmade’s Brand Waiver.

I have been instructed twice by seller support that as I am not ‘properly’ registered with Brand Registry, I cannot have a vanity URL for my store. Except on your own help pages it says, that although we have a waiver (thank you!) -

So either the information is correct and SS have been giving me wrong info. Or the help page is wrong. Or there is a caveat that hasn’t been made clear. Can you help clarify? Do you mean by ‘ability’ that you have to do the full Brand Registration with registered TM if you want a vanity URL?

My store -



Clearly they didn’t. :frowning:


Hi @Hazel_Amazon
I still cannot edit the Brand Name attribute, can anyone in handmade team help me fix this issue?
And is the Amazon Stores features is available on I cannot create my store too. The Manage Store page shows the Error 404. The page handler is not found."


I’m having a problem with the brand name on some of my handmade listings. They all had the correct brand name (some for a couple of years), but then a few days ago for no obvious reason, several of them converted to “generic”. I managed to edit a couple of them back to my brand name, but the rest pop up with an error that states: “*The value specified cannot be used as it conflicts with the value ‘Generic’ for ASIN Z in the Amazon catalogue.”
I’ve contacted seller support ten times so far, and I just get a lot of information telling me that my brand is not registered, UPC barcode needed, trademarks etc. They don’t seem to understand the handmade seller situation at all. Can you please tell me how to get this resolved @Hazel_Amazon?


Hello @Hazel_Amazon
I have the same problem. My brand in the listing has converted to “generic”, The variation of my listing is not working.


Hi, I’ve been selling on Handmade for a number of years now, but am being told my brand name cannot be identified and is showing as generic. How do I get my brand approved via Handmade’s Brand Feature Waiver?


Though they did it for me without asking first.


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