Brand Registry - can I put my own brand in instead of generic?


If you go through brand registry does it allow you to put your own brand name in rather than generic? Whilst I am with Handmade, it doesn’t allow me to put my brand name in anymore, despite many weeks of working with the support chat, the answer is generic only… I am hoping that if I register my brand I can do this, but wanted to check first of all…


Yes it does. But you’ll need a registered trademark to apply for brand registry


How do you go about getting a registered trademark though


Through the UK IPO




Perfect, thank you, I have started the process to register my trademark but I wanted to double check it would make a difference, thank you


I used the IP accelerator on Amazon and they put you in touch with companies that can assist you with this, it looks like it starts at around £200 but I am just waiting for my quote…


Thank you Caroline, I thought that as well, I will try to get through to Handmade help to see if I can get a solution to it, thank you again for replying


You don’t need to pay anyone to do the registration for you, it’s very simple to do. Just pay the government fee and its all done. Reading the documentation is key though, even if you decide to get someone else to handle the process for you. As it costs to correct at a later date.

I opted for the service where they check everything for you, but it’s SUPER important to do the Trademark search (for names you think will be free). I had lots of ideas for my brand name, but it was taken (as was a few of my other choices).

Also important to check the category information (super important to select the correct category for your trademark). Easiest way is to check out a few competitors in your field and see what categories they use.

It’s worth noting that the name (wording only) and logo (images only or wording and images) can be applied for separately, but if you have both ready at time of application, then you can apply all at once and it’s cheaper.

Hope this helps.

Here’s a link for the info:


This helped so much! Thank you and sorry for delayed reply