Brand Registry - Trademark


Does anyone know if you can register your brand even though its not a limited company? I have a limited company but trade under 2 names and don’t want to use the limited company on Amazon would rather use the “other” trading name. To get brand registry I would need to register the name as a Trademark but not sure if you can do that when its not limited?


I’m a sole trader and have a trademark for my business name and have brand registry on amazon


ah that’s good to know, do you know how many items you need to send as a minimum for FBA?


I don’t think there is a minimum, unless it’s small and light. I would double check all the faq pages before you do anything.

Another top is to make sure your item doesn’t move too much in the packaging and it change the dimensions as it will change your costs


I too am a sole trader and have a trademark for my business name and have brand registry on amazon. (I’m not in handmade though - just jewellery, home and stationery depts)

But a word of caution - I was approved for BR on 11th March and since then sales have dropped through the floor to almost nothing - only 89 orders since then where I was seeing several a day. A coincidence maybe, but I regret doing it


There is no minimum quantity to send to fba - not even for small and light anymore


I am selling virtually nothing on Amazon now anyway, so updating my Artisan Shop but there are so many glitches and problems its going to take forever! All my descritpions disappeared, I couldn’t add new products as I didn’t have authorisation and they wanted me to give myself authority to add?! Its so glitchy whatever they have been doing has caused no end of problems. Working my way through but I think Support are sick of me now!


great thanks helpful thank you


I also have issues and I believe there are a few glitches.

Last week I updated the images to refresh my outdated images and it didn’t change the following day but an iphone cover that I don’t sell?? (I make and sell picture frames) I go to ‘Fix your product’ and the support wouldn’t remove it because I have to ask permission to the brand owner?

And most of my items have no data on the Sales Rank and Category so it’s not getting seen.

Still getting nowhere.