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Some time ago when I first opened the shop I asked what did you put in the brand box and was told my company name, so I did. I make all my products and label them to my company. Now I am not sure if that is correct as I copy the listings and change the relevant words and there is no tick box saying this product is unbranded but you have to put something in. If I had added the product under the inventory button then there is a tick box. In a pickle now as I am not sure I should have said I was the brand and don’t know how to change everything.


Hi there! We sell customised products, we’ve been using our company name as a brand name for over a year, but now Amazon is blocking our products upload under the error “the brand name you have entered has not been approved by Amazon”. Is this something new regarding listing policy, or a bug? Anyone else facing the same issue? We uploaded a file 3 days ago and went through smoothly, but today’s batch hasn’t… It was a different product category tho. We’d appreciate any help regarding this issue :slight_smile:


I am having the same issue. We have always just used our registered company name for our products. Today has been the first day we cannot add any new products. We don’t have our products as a brand, just sell them under our company name.


They clamped down on this recently, to create new listings now you need gs1 barcodes and trademark and brand registry


Have the same problem, advised on starting could not use handmade as a brand. I sell imported Handcrafts from Kenya, They have no packaging apart from recycled paper and cardboard when they arrive. I have GS1 barcodes but can’t permanently attach to products as sticky labels spoil things and labels on base make them wobbly. All I lack is a trademark.
My stategy so far is just keep selling until they block. No one else sells under my brand or a similar name.
my goods are imported, all I have by way of invoices are XL spreadsheets with prices in Kenyan Shillings.
I am at a loss where to start, my items have no fancy branded packaging.

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