Brexit Update: Free Trade Agreement reached




There’s a few lads trying to act as authorities about the whole thing right now, saying X is dead and Y is no longer possible, but the reality is that Amazon likely have lawyers working through the future right now. It being Xmas has probably slowed a response but I’m sure we will get an official response soon.

Think it’s best to take a few days “off”, and see what Amazon says.



as we ship to the eu via seller fulfilled from the uk

amazon policies say we have to make sure there is no vat for the customer to pay on their shipment.

so if we receive an order from the french marketplace and ship it we have to send it delivery duty paid (ddp)

so we are paying the vat at the point of booking the shipment

my questions are

  1. we have a french vat number, so can we claim the vat back we paid on the shipment, as amazon i think will be charging vat already on the sale because we have a french vat number?

  2. we mainly use royal mail click and drop, but this doesnt seem to have a ddp function, we can use dhl as that does, but how can we pre calculate the delivery duty paid vat into our prices so it covers this cost if we cant claim it back?

any advice welcome guys


What about VAT numbers if we trade across EU? Uk based company sale to EU companies, goods in EU warehouse. Do we need to apply for VAT number in every EU country or not?


Amazon will not complete CN22 or CN23’s. Which personally, I think is daft.
So how will you sell FBA to EU countries ??



Treat EU as the rest of the world.
VAT only charged to UK customers.
How can you continue to sell on FR platform. Amazon stated that they would NOT do the additional paperwork, CN22 or CN23.
having said that… how did they previously manage to sell my FBA stock to say Australia, Iceland, Norway etc etc, a CN22 MUST HAVE been applied.
All countries will now require a CN22 / CN23 which includes your VAT number and other info.

Amazon said in News reports, you have to make your own arrangements to get back any customer returns in the EU.
You have to employ a local agent. You remove the customer returns to them, they then return the the stock to the UK.


Northern Ireland comes under (NIP) Northern Ireland Protocol.

For VAT, NI will still come under the UK. As for sales to NI, you will be selling from Great Britain.
GB = England, Scotland and Wales.


We’ll see. I’m waiting for them to reaffirm that after the details of the deal have come out. As far as I can see, they’re still examining the deal, weighing up options.

Ultimately, I’m not entirely convinced they’ll hack such a massive part of their own business plan off. I’d ponder it’s more likely they’ll just start charging an additional processing fee of some sort.

Just have to be patient for the time being, and enjoy the holidays :slight_smile:


Paperwork - Yes. I am guessing this is something that Amazon FBA might consider to do on the sellers behalf in the future (transfer of goods from UK to EU warehouses and vice-versa) - and in so doing charge an extra FBA fee… but who knows at the moment.

Perhaps an additional monthly subscription fee / or extra £ per order / or other ways. I think Amazon would prefer to have the business than not.

I am sure amazon have got Project Managers working on this right now


I’m afraid this is wrong too, its only no tariffs on goods which are manufactured in the UK or Europe.

Chinese stuff for instance will have tariffs, there is nothing good about this trade deal for most Amazon sellers unless you own or sell a UK brand.


Just to be very clear here its no import duties for goods manufactured in the UK and EU, stuff made in China will have tariffs which I guess is not good for many Amazon sellers incuding ourselves.


can you let us all know where you have read this?


That is my understanding too. Any idea what the rules are on products made in a country that has FTA with the EU? Someone else replied saying this was triangulation and is not covered by the agreement.


So if I have a supplier in Germany who’s willing to send stock for FBA to German warehouses for me, am I right in thinking this takes away quite a few charges as those goods won’t be sold in U.K. but only in EU which means I only have to pay VAT and tax in Germany?


You won’t pay less charges than pre brexit. You would just pay the same as always.


This is what I thought as not importing or exporting but with all the confusion just wanted to be sure. Thanks.


As a toy seller, I cannot believe that. It’s going to play absolute havoc with so many things like that. Same with clothes and the likes too.

I’m not sure I get the logic at all. Why, pre-Brexit, was there no tarriffs on stuff made outside the EU, but now there is tariffs on them? Where did “And now, as part of Brexit, screw China!” come from :confused:


I am pretty sure tariffs will be applicable on Chinese made goods.

I understand they have made some exceptions for car parts but nothing else.

Nearly everything I sell is made in China. By the time it gets to me it will have crossed numerous borders.

I am trying to get absolute confirmation but can’t find the information anywhere. The HMRC VAT helpline is shut.


There was tariffs but they were paid when the goods entered the EU for the first time. They can then be moved around the EU freely without paying additional duties.


You have that completely wrong there have always been tariffs when importing from China (nothing to do with Brexit whatsoever), I pay 6.5% Import Duty on every container that I import from China and have done for the last 15 years.