Building International Listings - Inactive German Listings - ONLY 6%


Hi All,

I have had an issue for sometime trying to mirror most of the other market place listings to sync with the rest of the other UK listings I have.

At present I have 100% UK active, between 97% & 99% active for FR, IT & ESP but only 6% DE.

The problem market place is Germany. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the marketplace. I have also been directed to certain files, which has further complicated my limited computer skills… below was a reply from am Amazon agent (3 months ago) which I simply didn’t understand…

Hopefully someone can assist in plain English what to do…

Thanks very much in advance…

Thank you for your reply. This is Kaushik to assist you to as I received this case now.

Upon checking the listings under BIL on the DE marketplace, Below are the reasons why the SKUs did not sync.

1 - The SKU is excluded for connection and synchronization in this marketplace. This may be the result of changes made to the offer in the target marketplace.

Fix - View the list of excluded SKUs and reconnect them on the Reconnect Listings tab on the Build International Listings page.

2 - The condition is supported, but the note cannot be translated.

Fix - Remove the Condition note from the offer.

3 - Periodic price synchronization of inactive offer.

Fix - Make the offer active in the source marketplace for immediate synchronization. Delete/exclude the offer to stop synchronizing the offer.

4 - No corresponding offer present in target marketplace for this sku. Offer is not created in target marketplace for source inactive offers.

Fix - Make the offer active in the source marketplace for synchronization. If eligible, it will connect and synchronize.

5 - A detail page for this ASIN does not exist in this marketplace.

Fix - To solve this issue: 1) Create this ASIN in your target marketplace in the appropriate language. 2) The ASIN will be excluded at the time of creation. 3) Use Build International Listings > Reconnect Listings to remove the exclusion and the offer will be connected and synchronized if eligible.

6 - Cannot connect listings for legal or product-compliance reasons.

Fix - Please refer to the Seller Central help topic for restricted products.

7 - An offer is not active in the source marketplace.

Fix - Only active offers are synchronized. Make an offer active in the source marketplace. If eligible, it will connect and synchronize.

Due to the above reasons, the SKUs have not been synchronized.

I have attached the BIl report which will give you a better understanding and also the list of affected SKUs which would need to be fixed.

Once the above mentioned corrections have been done, proceed to disconnect the link and reconnect the link post which the SKUs would be synchronized.

In case you are still facing issues, please create a new case rather than re-opening the case for a faster resolution.

I’m glad I was able to address your query. If you have any questions in future, please reach out to us.


Apologies for re-igniting this thread, but I would like to know if the solution given above…

… is the only way to synchronise listings. I would like to preserve my existing condition notes for the UK Marketplace and create a translated version for each of the other European marketplaces? Is this impossible to achieve?

As I am primarily a used book business, condition notes are very important. I suppose I would be willing to remove the notes for my “Like New” titles, but as books have such a variety of reasons for their conditions - tears, scuffs, stains, marks, highlighting etc - I’d feel uneasy about removing condition notes entirely just for the sake of making international sales.

I would suggest that, if Amazon is worried about badly translated notes", then at the very least there should be an option (or a workaround) which means I am able to provide the condition notes for my UK listings and have it left blank in other marketplaces.

Sorry for long winded reply - and if anyone does know a workaround that might help me achieve this please do pitch in with any advice.


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