Business address


Town, County and Telephone number displays on my seller profile and I am just ST (telephone number redacted)


That’s odd

And where is your storefront link ?

Edit just seen you are logged into a business buyer account


So a business can see others contact details but not general joe public?

Mmm - strange. I dont think the law makes a distinction on the buyer so if it applies to one it should be the same

But I have had calls from customers - so they must be able to find my telephone number somehow.


As a private individual, I can see your phone number (I just didn’t want to post it here)
You must have added it in your settings for seller profile page

Settings - account info - seller profile - display info
Mine says phone number (none)


Yes - well I am working on the assumption that it is a legal requirement to provide that info.

I have provided all the necessary legal info to Amazon (Name, Trading name, Address, Telephone number, email address, VAT number, Company no (n/a in my case)). What Amazon displays and makes available is then upto them. I have no control over that.


I don’t believe you have to provide a phone number , I’ve never listed mine on there
Amazon only have it for emergency notifications / account issues


I just used the legal reference below - and yes Telephone number is not listed as a legal requirement so I could remove it.

What are the legal requirements for an e-commerce business?

Although your legal obligations are much the same as a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer, there are additional areas that you need to consider when trading online. This includes online payment security standards, policies for your website, accessibility and more.

1. Electronic Commerce Regulations

These regulations relate to information that you should clearly provide on your website if you’re selling online, including:

  • Your business name (and trading name if you have one)
  • Your address (and registered address if this is different)
  • Contact email address
  • Company registration number
  • Any Trade or Professional Association memberships
  • Your VAT number if you’re VAT registered


Thank you for your advice


But going back to original OP question.

You have to provide Amazon with either:
Company registered address (if you are ltd)
Home address (if you are ST)

Amazon will verify it in either case. I think I had to provide a bank or utility bill showing name and address and I am ST
What is shown from these details seems to differ if the customer is another business or not

You can setup a different returns address


If ltd, you need to also put your home address in the beneficial owner section


That was the plan


Ah, just buying from other sellers to resell ?


My phone number is not on the display info…

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