Business customer invoice for fba


Hi there. I am hoping i have this in the right section.

Just received an email from amazon telling me
"According to our records, you have received 6 order(s) from Amazon Business customers in November for which you have not yet uploaded an invoice.* "

I am not VAT registered, and normally provide an invoice when i am asked for one.

so, on the back of that email, I have tried to to create invoices for those business orders, and upload them via the button next to the order but it doesnt do anything other than load a box where I select my order to upload, and then that pdf doesnt show, and when i click upload it wont upload or do anything at all.
am i doing something wrong ?


I received the same email as well and scratching my technophobic head as I can’t work it out either. I am also not registered for VAT (any longer). I was going to give Amazon a call for them to talk me through it - I might have a couple of hours free in the morning lol.


It doesn’t matter whether or not you are registered for VAT.
You still need to provide an invoice for the customers.

This can be done using a number of free invoice generators on the web.
Or even creating one yourself in word etc.


I’ve just tried several times to download one of our invoices both in word and as a PDF for a biz customer but it will not download, so, I have come to the conclusion that if one is not in the ‘VAT Calculation Service’ you cannot download your own invoices.

If the above is true and your not a VAT registered business then these Amazon warnings are a waste of time as you cannot comply, unless someone knows different.

Amazon should really know if a seller is VAT registered or not and make a portal for one to download their own invoice if they are insisting we do so


You can’t I’ve just spent half an hour trying to download one of our invoices without success.

We put a printout in with the item so in a way we are complying but the trouble is Amazon can’t see this as it’s not part of the system.


So long as its saved in pdf format it will upload as I do it for every invoice now - business or not.

However, I will say the button can be temperamental - if it doesnt work I come back to it an hour later.


I’ll have to find time to try it out but with well over a dozen to do for Nov alone and if it takes forever I can’t waste precious time faffing about with it, as I say we already put a packing note cum invoice in the package so why that can’t do heaven only knows. Just Amazon being Amazon I suppose.


This was discussed at length when this thing came in, and a lot of us felt that they should be able to automate it as Amazon have all the relevant details, and if they can do it for those registered with the VCS (VAT Calculation Service) then they should be able to do it for all orders - but as you say it is Amazon being Amazon !!

If the customer is a Business Buyer then you have to upload an invoice regardless of if you are VAT registered or not.
Us this easy free invoice generator site:
Once you’ve created the invoice, save it on your device and then upload it to Amazon.


Me personally only upload an invoice if a customer asks for it.

Uploading 100+ invoices in November is not something I want to be doing

I am also not VAT registered Yet


I just can’t understand why there is no simple way to click on a button and print off an invoice direct from Amazon should they want one. As you say Amazon has all the information to hand


It is now mandatory for all sellers to upload one if it is a Business Customer, to quote Amazon:

As an Amazon seller, you are required to provide Amazon Business customers with a correct and legally valid VAT invoice, if applicable, for each order within one business day after the shipment of the order was confirmed.

I am VAT-exempt and thus cannot provide VAT invoices. What do I have to do?
If you are not required to apply VAT on your sales, you are required to provide a receipt for each order from an Amazon Business customer. Receipts need to include the following information:
Seller legal name and address
Customer legal name and address
Date of issue
Type and quantity of products supplied
Gross price per item as well as total payable amount_


TBH I’m quite capable of prducing invoices have produced over a thousand for other customers, what I’m not able is to get them to upload via the Amazon upload invoice button, I tried at least half a dozen times this afternoon and got nowhere seem the same as the OP and others


Maybe a glitch ?..


Why not get VAT registered? You items will be more appealing to a lot more customers.


Trying to work out why you think this? I’m vat registered myself but, other than the odd business customer where I can see that it would be beneficial, I can’t see why that would make my items more appealing to the bulk of my customers who are not businesses?


Have to say I cannot see why this would make any difference - why would being VAT registered make my, or anyone’s items more appealing ? - surely it would depend on what you sell ? - except I suppose if you are a business customer you can claim back the VAT paid.
I am a bookseller so would make no difference at all as books are zero rated.


My business is mainly B2B and I’ve been VAT reg for a long time. It certainly gives a business more credibility and customers.


Totally agree 100%…


I think it gives a business more credibility when dealing with suppliers and business customers. I don’t agree it generates more customers if you’re not selling B2B. On the contrary if you’re not vat reg’d and therefore don’t have that to pay on top I’d suggest that you’d be more appealling to non business customers as you’d be able to undercut other sellers who are vat registered.


If they can undercut then they should be VAT reg.