Business customer invoice for fba


Not really, if I’m selling at £10 but a 6th has to go to the vat man, that’s an extra 6th the non vat seller has as wiggle room to discount their price. I know it’s not exactly a 6th as one can claim back the vat on the cost price but I’m sure you get my point.
I’d love not to be vat registered as doing the quarterly return is the bane of my life, but alas it’s a legal requirement.


Thanks for that… tried Firefox and got it uploaded.
One thing i have just noticed that would help out.
When i look at the orders page, and I view using MFN option, i get the chance to refine search, down to Business customer, via a link on the left… When im viewing orders in FBA I dont have that option and as most of my sales are FBA, its a real pain to go through the list looking for Business customers.
Is there an easy workaround for that?


Can anyone recommend any 3rd party Invoice software that automates the process of uploading invoices etc ? I am not VAT registered yet so cant use the Amazon Automated feature yet.


that is exactly what i would like to know… can anyone help with a 3rd party automated invoice uploading solution?


Hey Bob, - I noticed the same thing, (i.e no filter for business customers in FBA view), in the process now of doing it, and just wondered if you (or anyone else) found a way to find our Business Customer order’s in the FBA view yet ? Thanks

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