Business entity and account reinstating


yeah I realised it now sadly


Your Amazon seller account has been placed under temporary review. This review period will provide us time to confirm delivery of your recent seller-fulfilled orders. The review period should not exceed 30 days. While your account is under review, your seller-fulfilled offers have been deactivated in accordance with section 3 of the Amazon Business Solutions Agreement ( Funds will remain in your account, but you will not be able to receive any disbursements during the review period.

Once we confirm delivery of recent seller-fulfilled orders, your offers will be reactivated and you may proceed with funds disbursements according to your normal disbursement schedule. If you have outstanding un-shipped orders during this time, please continue fulfilling these. Evidence of delivery will help expedite the review of your account.


Do you need to change your handling times too so that you’ve got more chance of getting the orders out on time?


yes I’ve changed it to 2 days now


I thought you had tracked them and proved they had all been delivered? Did you send that proof in?


yes I sent the pictures of the royal mail website with the orders saying delivered with the url links still got rejected the information is not enough


Is the tracking number not under/above the QR code?


no there isn’t but somehow, I now have the option available to edit my consignment in my manage orders. I can now put the tracking number in it


nvm there is the tracking number above the QR code


do I send them the label then?


If its on the buy shipping label it should be stored in the system already, do you send absolutely everything using buy shipping and as 2nd class parcel?


no this was my 1st time using royal mail 2nd class parcel and yes I use buy shipping


the problem is there are not stored and now 2 of them orders are asking me to edit the consignment order and provide the tracking number


Good morning @Amzstore_Uk_limited,

I am moving this thread to the Account Health forum, where you can get more support from the Amazon agent.

Hope you will solve this issue soon!



Hello @Amzstore_Uk_limited,

This is Wade from Amazon here to assist.

I understand that you have still not been able to appeal this deactivation.

The post in this thread indicates you were deactivated after a standard account review was concluded. This would have been based on the information that was found based on the missing tracking numbers.

Amazon considers multiple factors when deciding whether a selling account should be placed under temporary review. Some examples of these factors are included below. If your account exhibits multiple factors at one time, it could be placed under review.

  1. There is no tracking information available on your account or the tracking information is invalid. Valid tracking information can provide assurance to your customers that their orders are on the way and help Amazon validate that an order has been delivered. To access Amazon policies on tracking information, go to Valid Tracking Rate (VTR).

  2. You may be missing critical business information from your account that can help us validate positive buyer-seller history across other sales channels. Ensure that all your business information is up to date, including business website, address, and contact information, where applicable. Although this information is not mandatory it can verify your identity and expedite the review process.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. We are looking forward to assisting you.


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