Business reports all at zero?


Is anyone else having this? All my page views and sessions are at 0. I have also has no sales since. All my settings are correct and not on holiday settings.

Anyone else having this?


I had the same for two days when I switched on after holiday. During those two days with zero viewers I had one sale.


Just checked mine and I’m the same (since 21 May) which probably explains why I’ve sold only a handful of FBM and only really had a half decent amount of FBA sales.

What a joke!


Just checked mine, and me too 21st May


Seems to apply to BUY BOX WINS also, or maybe just us …!!


Similar problem on this other thread started today:


Yes i am also experiencing the same problem. I cannot access any business reports for the past couple of days and also the sales have dropped.


Just checked mine and all is as it should be


same here as i have described in my thread


This was Seller Support’s response to my email… Why did I even bother? I clearly outlined the issue (which they’ve even cut and pasted in the reply) and included a helpful screenshot to explain everything.

To be quite honest a mole with a paper bag over its head could have seen the issue. But no, apparently, there is no issue and instead I’ve been given helpful (?) instructions on how to get to the business report sections (which as I’d clearly sent in a screen grab of that, meant I already knew how to do that).

"Thank you for contacting Amazon Selling Partner Support. I am **** and I will be glad to assist you today.

From your email, I understand you are facing an issue related to Business reports as the Page Views, Sessions and Buy Box Percentage are all 0 since the 21 May. I apologize for the inconvenince caused. Please allow me to address you for the same.

I have reviewed your case and would like to inform that you will be able to access the above mentioned information, using Business Reports.

Please note that the Business Reports section offers a variety of reports, and I am happy to inform you that your account has access to the same.

Having said this, I request you to follow the below mentioned steps, to access the Business Reports -

. Log in to your Seller Central account
. Click on Reports
. Go to Business Reports"


After a week, there’s finally a notification about it on the Seller Central home page:

27 May 2019

We are currently experiencing a technical issue that is impacting Business Reports. (27.05. - 07:41 UTC)


Also heard back from SS and they know about the issue with the business reports. Totally missing for all my ASINs since 21 May. They did not see any connection between the almost zero sales on the same days from an otherwise well perfoming ASIN of my own brand. There might not be, still, it is a very strange coincidence. acaffe you had the same thing, I think.

Interestingly, one of my other ASIN’s sales and traffic data have partially come back now and even more interestingly, they show ZERO page views and sessions AND still some units sold, clearly something is not right.


20 May was good for us - since the 21st (the day of the reports going wonky) our sales have gone into rapid decline…

Yesterday was awful… no sales since midday yesterday… and no sales so far today.

The odd thing was the sales we did get earlier in the week were all coming down at 1-3 am in the morning. So we are supposed to believe that most Amazon shoppers now buy in the middle of the night?

Meanwhile eBay and Etsy are all continuing to perform as well as usual


In the same time Bitcoin is going up. A coincidence.


Something is starting to happen…



To those complaining about declining sales - remember that this weekend (including today) is a holiday weekend in the UK at least ,and sales tend to be lower during holidays because people are traveling etc.

I’m not sure how the business report would actually impact your sales, but you can check that things are ok pretty easily by searching Amazon for your main keywords and confirming that your listings show up as normal.


Very true, although today I sold more of that particular ASIN than in the days since 21 May combined. Something has been up.