Buy box suppresion


Hi all,

We have recenetly had a bunch of buy boxes suppressed due to being higher than MSRP. The prices are not higher than MSRP and have actually just been pulled from the internet, which I understand. The issue is if you actually go to these websites the price that has been selected does not include the postage and packaging. I assume there is no way to appeal this, but does anyone have any thoughts on getting the buy box reinstated. One last point, if I were to drop prices to these new lows I would be making a loss.


I feel your pain - Amazon have done this to a lot of our listings as well.
Problem is that if someone is clearing stock and dropping it on somewhere like Ebay at a much reduced price then Amazon are taking it as you should be going lower.
In some of our cases the price they want us to drop to is actually below the wholesale price.

Nothing you can do unfortunately