Buyer claiming not received item. POD name mismatch



Hope you can help,

I have a buyer who is claiming the item has not been received it’s a £200 dumbbell.

We ship with Fedex who have a signed POD for the parcel at the address however the custom name is Jack and the POD was signed as Jake.

The customer is saying that no one of that name lives here however I feel it could just be a misunderstanding of the name.

I’ve sent the POD to the customer who’s now contesting and I’ve advised him to open a AtoZ.

Has anyone had an issue before? I feel it’s going to cost me the AtoZ.

Many thanks



It’s more likely that the courier typed the name as they heard it as they are not taking signatures at present, the point is tracking states it was delivered to the address, you should contact the courier advising the buyer does not know a jake and claims parcel was not received and see what they say, they may even have a photo of the buyer, or parcel at their front door, but will have GPS confirmation of the address delivered.

Never a good idea to direct a customer to open an A-Z claim, you can’t control the outcome even with tracking.


Thanks for the feedback.

My patience is so thin nowadays with amazon that I’d rather the buyer just go through the correct flow and the decision is made than argue with them. At least that way it’s document with amazon that the customer has this type of behaviour.

I’m unsure if Fedex have GPS tracking on delivery, we usually use DPD but have to Fedex due to weigh issues.

Thanks again for the feedback and advice.


I would send the buyer something like this: “The item appears to have been delivered as per the signature and the GPS tracking, so the courier company would like to investigate the situation for possible criminal activities (e.g. theft, fraud) that may have been committed (e.g. by their employees). In order to assist the investigation they require a signed denial of receipt. It would be helpful for you to check with the other residents of the property whether they have received the item instead.” It’s surprising how often the items turn up when you turn the tables against them