Buyer Demands Money or will leave negative feedback, Help


Hi, I sold an item & the buyer asked for a refund as item not received …I send everything via Royal Mail recorded delivery so I tracked the item & it had been delivered & signed for but they claim they have no idea who signed for it. I asked if it could of been taken in by a neighbour etc but they said they were in all day. Communication back & fourth with the buyer getting angry & threatening to leave bad negative feedback to my account if I don’t refund money within 24hrs they also opened a A-Z claim…I sent in all the info but the buyer was not being great so I pressed the refund button with the notion that would be the end of it but now it seems I have a kind of deficit to my account and I haven’t had one single order where I’ve been really busy previously! Can I do anything to put this right, I’ve tried the amazon chat section but the info given seems to be what I’ve already done.
Any help would be appreciative


Nothing you can do now about the defect. Refunding an A-Z is considered admitting your guilt I’m afraid, and you should have appealed it from the start. You could try now appealing the A-Z as nothing to lose now - I assume you input the tracking at time of dispatch?

Additionally I would report the buyer if they actually threatened you with bad feedback unless an instant refund.


Contact RM and get the GPS of where it was actually delivered. It is not unknown for the postman to forge signatures and not deliver.