Buyer gave her address as her local Post Office for convenient pick-up - NOT allowed!


Also, it is a service that is offered by The Post office for use in their Post offices, bear in mind Royal Mail and the Post office are now Separate.


Yes, if it had been in with all my other parcels that day I would have sent it Signed For, but it threw me having to whip it away from the Post Office clerk literally at the last minute when I saw that there was no name on it, look the order up on the Net, and return to the counter for a separate transaction having written the name on it.

As I left the counter I actually remember half turning back, thinking, ‘I didn’t do that Signed For’, and then, ‘Oh well, it’s going to a Post Office…’

I’ve got many thousands of Proof of Posting certificates and hundreds of Signed For receipts over the past 15 years of selling, and the total of parcels lost over that time is about 15, of which half have been abroad… This package is only the second in the last two years to go astray. (I don’t actually think the Post Office gets enough credit for its fantastic service :grinning:)


Surely you would send a £50 item with tracking - regardless of where it was being delivered to ?? Hopefully you will get the item back RTS from RM

Yes, sometimes the workers at the Post Office Counter no less than we do


Local Collect service is only available at ‘Participating’ Post Offices. 'Participating ’ being the keyword, where the buyer would select a delivery address from a drop down list and a reference number would be automatically applied. This service would be set up and offered by major retailers such as Amazon or like Ebay through Argos. Looks like the buyer took it upon themselves to just type in manually the address of their local Post Office which is not the same thing but would go through the system like a normal address until it reaches its destination and is then rejected. It can take 3 weeks before an item is returned from a mail centre. However as this is not a usual not collected item it may bounce back to you more quickly.


Almost everyhing including items a lot more expensive than £50 goes RM48. I could probably use my digits to count the number of items i’ve sent tracked. Agree it depends on what you sell and perhaps how much you pay for your stock


Recently I asked at my local post office if it was possible to have items delivered there if it was not a “Click and Drop” service purchased on Amazon or a well known auction site and was told no.

You can only have an item delivered to a post office if the seller offers this option which some do not as a collection code or number is required.

Basically, you CANNOT purchase an item and give a post office as a delivery address as they are obliged to return the item to the sender.

A while back I had a buyer who had an item sent to a post office in London. As I was unsure of what to do back then I sent it signed for. The buyer claimed INR but thankfully I had a tracking number. I replied stating that the item was shipped to the address he gave, sent signed for and to check with the post office staff. That was the last I heard. If I receive another order with a post office address I will email the customer and inform them that I cannot ship to a post office and will raise a case with Seller Support and email Seller Performance to let them know the situation.


I’ve had almost the exact same scenario but going to the local library. Had no customer name, spelling mistakes in the address and half the post code missing. I sorted it all out and it still came back to me as ‘not known at this address’. Customer then opened an A-Z for item not received, which of course they won because they were right! Item was not received!

Seeing this kind of thing does make me wonder how some people manage to function in their daily lives. Then I realise that they just get a management job in a public service.


perfectly acceptable for using post office as an address for parcels and letters. I have a friend who lives on a canal boat and only has a cruising licence. This means he doesn’t have a permanent mooring.

He uses my address for postage and I just forward it on to a convenient post office for him. He just tells me where he/ll be in a few days and when he’ll be there and send to the local PO for him to collect.


Yes, this is fine - because he doesn’t have a mooring.

It says at the end of that link, ‘The service will be withdrawn if it is believed to be abused (e.g. the recipient has a permanent address in the area).’


Not true, as thers above have stated. However, I’m not sure I would send anything to a post office and be confident, having so much experience of how things get screwed up in post offices.


That’s been covered above


Yes, I covered it! But the later poster evidently hadn’t seen it, so I thought it would be just as easy to repeat it.


Yes I had one of those last week I think, it’s a service also used by people who are travelling around the country and are then able to select the PO they will b near so they can pick it up. I did send it signed for. He left me positive feedback so I know he received it.

I imagine if you are a member of the travelling community you would use this service.


Your loss isnt £50, your loss is what it cost youto purchase the book, the rest is profit


Actually it is the purchase cost of the item, the cost of p&p, and the potential profit. We don’t sell items to make no profit, what would be the point in that.


Depends how you look at it.
If the OP had gotten that £50 disbursed and withdrawn it from a cash machine, then dropped it by mistake and lost it what would you call his loss?
£50, because that’s how much he had after selling the book but before the mishap, or £xx, as that was the actual cost of the book he sold?


People are getting very confused.

Post Restante is not the same as Local Collect.

They are two different services.

Loca Collect is when you purchase from a retailer and they have an agreement with Royal Mail to offer collections.

Poste Restante is where you don’t live in an area, don’t have a permanent address or are on holiday somewhere.

Poste Restante is provided by the Post Office, Local Collect is provided by Royal Mail. Local Collect is relatively new, Poste Restante is an international service offered by most Post Offices around the world.

One is free one is not.

Amazon offer Local Collect, it is an option you select. They do not offer Poste Restante.


Yes we know that - the point is that in both cases the item goes to the designated post office for pick up by the customer. The point made was in response to Blue Eyed Boy who had been told at his local PO that no mail other than Local Collect can be sent to a local PO and the point we have made is that that is not true and that some mail (Poste Restante) is actually sent directly to a local post office rather than to a residential/business address and people do use that service so it is important for sellers to know that.


My loss IS £50. I received the £50 from the Buyer before I entrusted my £50 book to the Post Office, who lost it.

As I mentioned earlier, this principle has now been tried in court and the Post Office certainly have lost some of their cases.

Some may find this thread interesting: How difficult is it to get Royal Mail to pay compensation for lost post?


I don’t use The post office, so cannot comment on their service, I can comment on Royal Mail who constantly screw up and loose packets (and whole sack fulls) all the time…