Buyer left negative negative feedback saying book not received when I dont sell books


Can anyone assist, I have buyer who left negative feedback saying book not received, but I dont sell books, there order was delivered straightaway. I contact support who say it can’t be removed, I sent confirmation of the delivery. This is the second negative left which is not correct, pls advise what can I do


I have had couple like this and I had to give up as amazon do not remove as they see it as valid feedback.


same here we have one about purple bloody crystals we dont sell crystals the buyer did contact us asking for a refund originally though but did not reply once we stated was wrong person and amazon refused to remove it.


Message the buyer and add ‘Important Information about your order’ to message header, advise you are contacting them about negative feedback left and would like to confirm (order ID, Title, Description) and despatch/delivery details, which show as delivered on (date) and if perhaps the feedback was intended for another seller as you don’t sell books, if that’s the case could they please remove the fb left in error (include a link/instructions to makeit easy).

They may, or may not remove, but your hope of getting it removed.


Hi thanks but are you allowed to contact the buyer


Also I cant contact support as they say if you contact us again we will close your account


Why on earth not, the buyer states they have a problem via feedback, surely it’s good customer service to follow it up to confirm if it was an error, or they do have a problem?

Apart from that, Amazon state they are not involved in the sale which is soley between the buyer and seller, they don’t get involved (user agreement) so how can they say you can’t contact your customer…nonsense, but up to you if you want to at least try and get it removed?


Ok I will try are you allowed to put a link for removal in email, what is the link


The link for feedback removal is included here;

If you don’t want to include a link (no reason why you should not) then just copy paste the instructions, but you need to make it really easy for the buyer to do.


That sounds like bullying?

Ensure you don’t follow CS example with you above and remain polite with your buyer.


Thanks I had 100% feedback and customers are rally with the service provided but 2 negatives for wrong seller are not good and support say cant be removed, just write a reply in comments


Also I list new items every day which are just made for us, though I dont have a brand registered, but they are generic, how come the Chinese sellers just go on the listings though they are designs not available anywhere, with like 30% feedback and still sell here


Thank you so much buyer removed the feedback as they said it was wrongly left, thanks a lot


Thank you for the update, pleased to hear you had a good outcome.

Unless you have your brand trademarked, or in brand registry, very difficult to keep others off the listing as Amazon guidance is to list products under existing listings, but they must be identical to the product details, so your only approach is to buy one from your competitor, if it’s not identical to yours, then report to Amazon with the evidence and photos and request the inauthentic sellers offer be removed.

There is more advice on this if you search posts here over this past week.


Thank you for your advise, you have been very helpful. Does that mean I buy one of the products and if it is not the same am I allowed to report it


Its mixed from SS. Feedback like this where it is clearly for a different order sometimes they have removed for me, sometimes not