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This question is aimed at UK sellers. You may well of seen the news a few weeks ago about the huge amount of new items (allegedly) going to land fill. I saw something about Amazon offering pallets but cannot see anymore online about it. I also got the impression that these pallets were not returns but maybe overstocks as a result of perhaps such things as unpaid FBA invoices although I could be wrong about that.

There seems to be a limited number of Companies (seen one called Magnificento) but a review search does not seem promising. Can anyone offer any firm information on the status of these pallets e.g returns or new? & who to approach for them in the UK?

Any help appreciated.


There was a previous thread where some sellers shared their experiences and there are some links to sites too

I know Amazon pallets are “the thing” on Youtube but you can quite easily tell that they are deluding themselves if they think they are making the kind of RoI they think they are.


argos also do pallet sale and they be more realistic as to what you are getting… however whatever you get from those pallets you cannot sell on Amazon as they are no longer new.


There are actually quite a few companies offering pallets/overstocks/returns and so on in the UK already.
Most won’t actually say they come from Amazon as such, but they usually have the ASIN number included on any listing.
There is even a specific one on Overstocks for Amazon goods.

Personally I wouldn’t bother. Immediately you cannot sell them on Amazon, but if your happy enough to spend the time and effort selling elsewhere, you can make money off them.
I actually started out refurbishing returns from mail order companies and it can be profitable. You do have to allow for the fact that some pallets your going to lose money on, where other you will gain. With experience, you can better choose the pallets to buy. But always better to physically see them, rather than rely on a photograph.


Argos used to have a website for this, you would get a spreadsheet of everything contained in the pallet. We also used to deal with a company in Nottingham that did containers, but that was pre internet.

Lost of rubbish about…


Watch what you buy, can get stung very very quickly on this.


I’d imagine some make a nice bit profit out of the Youtube videos through advertising and possibly sponsorship if they get enough views. Got to be easier than being an online retailer if you lucky enough to get the followers.

Most viewers probably aren’t specifically interested in actually doing Amazon pallets, they are just generally day dreaming about making an easy bit of money.

Not that I would suggest anybody would do so of course, but it must be easy to poke a hole in the outer packaging and slip something like a phone or a diamond ring into the lot in order to dramatise the video.

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