Can Amazon seller support help me


Hi Community.

I have a slight problem…

When I log into my seller account it says “warning your account is at risk of deactivation” or words to that effect. When I click on the reason it seems there was an A-Z claim against me.

I have had 2 A-Z claims in 5 years, but I am a low item volume seller… Maybe 100 - 200 sales a year… So an A-Z has a big metric hit.

The problem is I send stuff under £10 not tracked. Someone said they had not got their keyring so I sent another.

1 week later and with no further comms from the customer I have an A-Z that I seem to have “auto lost”

Amazon have refunded and I have a metric hit. When I dont really see what else I could have done… I have 99%+ positive feedback and pride myself on my reputation.

Is there a number I can call them on to discuss it / get some understanding injected, it was literally a 4.99 purchase and I sell items right up to almost 1000 so it just seems totally ridiculous, ive sent 2 items, and given a refund and now my metrics are down!

Any advice guys?




If it is just an ‘at risk’ warning, then as long as their are no other metrics issues, it will go after a period of time.
Unfortunately A-z claims are now rewarded immediately if there is no tracking for the item - hence the increase in buyers abusing the system.


This is the exact text

Your account is at risk of deactivation

A critical event has occurred with your account that has caused it to be at risk of deactivation

All other metrics are 100% perfect, its just the A-Z hit…


It won’t help you now but it may in the future. If you send out a replacement, regardless of it’s value, I would send it signed for at least. It’s no guarantee of delivery but at least Amazon can see what you’ve done.


Never send out a replacement as you can lose out twice.
Instead of automatically sending out a replacement because of no tracking issues. Refund - no A-Z will be possible and you have only lost the product once.


This isn’t quite true anymore.
A-to-Zs are awarded automatically… tracking is irrelevant now.

You can “Appeal” the decision, indicate that you had sent a replacement item, and that you hadn’t received any further communication from the customer following this, so you presumed they had received it. Indicate that you would have immediately given them a full refund if they had indicate non-receipt.
Indicate that you’re willing to accept that it is a seller-funded refund but would hope to see the metric hit removed as it is not your fault.
Then you just pray that the person that sees the appeal is feeling nice.


Also email the relevant site below:

For IT marketplace :
For ES marketplace :
For DE marketplace :
For FR marketplace :
For UK marketplace :



I understand you are concern is regarding the A-Z claim on the account.

Now to appeal this, you would need to first understand the “Why? What? Where? Who? And How?” to get to the root cause. Once you understand the reason why this had happened, you can think about a temporary resolution and then focus on the long term precautionary steps you can take. All these three steps will build a plan of action.

Like you mentioned, sending the item through non traceable service led to the issue and I’d also like to appreciate you here for the immediate step that you had taken i.e., sending out a replacement. This shows your customer service in solving the issue. However, this is only a corrective step that you had taken but does not guarantee that this wouldn’t be repeated in the future.

Every claim will be reviewed by our A-to-z guarantee team before coming to a decision. If there is no tracking ID available, they wouldn’t be able to find out about the order status and it would be resolved in favor of the buyer and refunded.

Take a look at this page: to learn more about how A-to-z guarantee claim works and how you can prevent it.

Since you mentioned that the products you sell are of low value and sending them through tracked service wouldn’t be convenient for your business type, you can think about our FBA program where the packing, delivery, returns and customer services are taken care by us. Using FBA, will not impact your account with any of the issues mentioned above. Visit: for more information.

If you do not wish to use FBA, then you would need to think about an alternate way to ensure your buyers receive their orders on time. If you continue to use non trackable service, it may lead to valid tracking rate issues. Check this help page: to know more about the valid tracking rate metric.

I hope this would help in solving the issue. You can proactive write to our team with the plan of action you have thought about to avoid review on your account. Once they receive the details, they will assist you accordingly.



Thanks for all the advice everyone. It is really appreciated.

I think I will start to send tracked and has been suggested, if I get a “non receipt” just refund and not send again.

I dont think I am a big enough player to consider FBA…

Thanks again for the community spirit… Im not really worried about the financial “hit” as its small, its just the huge metrics hit that annoys me when I feek I have operated a good Amazon citizen and I have been punished badly.

Kind Regards



If you are going to start sending tracked/signed do not refund an INR fight it a lot of buyers that may be trying it on, will take it no further when you give then the tracking details, dates/times etc…