Can anyone help me before I have to seek refuge at the pub (and I don't drink!)


I have joined PAN EU in the last couple of weeks. Amazon have reset my European price according to their formula.
Prices were all over the place so I left it all to give time for everything to settle down.
I am now trying to reset all the prices to take into account the varying fees in the different countries.
I am doing this using the edit button in the UK inventory and putting the Eu prices in the relevant section at the bottom. Everything seems OK.
However, when I look at the actual listing on the Eu platforms the prices are not correct.
Why can’t I change my prices? Am I doing something wrong?


I would advise you to visit this link and click on “Edit pricing rules”, which is present within the widget on the right side:

Here you will be able to review your current pricing settings.


Thank you KIka. I have located that. I would prefer to set each and every price myself to avoid a percentage mark up which will inevitably result in unfortunate pricing such as E20.19 where I would want to make it E19.99.
Is there any way that I can do this that you or anyone else knows of please?


There is an option to remove the connection between marketplaces - within the widget.