Can CBD be sold?


@PCBuyIT …absolutely correct my friend!

We (UK) are the largest producer of legal mary jane in the world and with one of the most twisted political backgrounds of how British Sugar and the UK Drugs Minister’s husband became the main dealer (you couldn’t write this stuff!) …She puts home growers in prison while her husband makes a fortune in his ‘legal dealings’…Regardless of personal stance on the subject, this has been one of the largest political punches in the face for UK citizens ever, but due to the subject matter (understandably), the British public are not picking up on the absolute legal and political hypocrisy to want to take issue with this.

" We (UK government and pharmas) will grow what we want and charge serious illness patients what we want…You Mr/Mrs MS sufferer grow and we may (not always ‘will’ to be fair) throw you in a prison to teach you a lesson…

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Yes they don’t want ordinary people selling CBD for medicinal purposes because that would spoil the party for big pharma.

This statement in the Telegraph it says all…

Steve Rolles, Transform’s Senior Policy Analyst said: "It is scandalous and untenable for the UK government to maintain that cannabis has no medical uses, at the same time as licensing the world’s biggest government approved medical cannabis production and export market."


As a food supplement manufacturer, one couldn’t possibly comment :money_mouth_face:


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Grey area as it’s not illegal some platforms still see it as cannabis and block you from selling you List it as
massage oil not oral use


Suck on that Amazon!


we sold lots cbd oil it about year ago on amazon for 1 week till amazon closed our listing so here you have it from someone you has done it as we only sold till amaozn closed it we did not try again so we did not have account closed and same thing on ebay we sold it and took them about month to close our listing we did try again then they warned as next time we will be banned,so we enjoyed the sales while we could but it’s a same as you would be very rich if you could sell it as there is huge demand for it like nothing else out there and the price we were selling was from 25 pounds to 129 for a small bottle and it sold lots everyday


Yes, the profit margins are extremely good. Thank you for coming forward and ackowledging what we already know.
Amazon will always go where the money is.


Amazon and eBay aren’t the only platforms - the CBD business is alive and booming in the UK, the majority of brands are legal and thriving.


Our main website is selling loads of CBD units. I tried listing them on Amazon and ebay a few months ago and was told that they were prohibited on both platforms even though the same brands were being sold by other sellers on eBay. We’d love to be able to list CBD on amazon and ebay as it would be highly profitable for us but until then…I’ll keep my sales for this on our website!!!


It’s good to make sure before listing it, you don’t want to be making a hash of your business.

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Its crazy . Amazon need to get with it . A number of very reputable and detailed studies have shown the health benefits of cannabis and its advantages of many a pharmaceutical drug .

Governments do not look at the best interests of their citizens . They look at the best interests of themselves and their donors . Amazon and Jeff and Co. need to umm wake up and get with it


you cant sell cbd oil on amazon but if your married to the prime minisiter you can have the biggest cannibis farm in the world andbe the worlds largest exporter of it!!!


2016 – Theresa May wins the general election
May’s husband owns the majority share in the world’s largest producer of cannabis, GW Pharmaceuticals
2017 – Victoria Atkins Becomes Parliamentary Under Secretary – despite almost no government experience
Atkins’ husband owns British Sugar – The company that produces the main ingredient GW uses for its cannabis medication
2018 – Atkins Is Promoted To Home Office Minister
June 2018 – The Home Office seize cannabis medication from a child at the airport, and then return it after the press are alerted to the story
16 June 2018 – The Home Office starts to make exceptions for children who need cannabis oil to treat epilepsy
25 June 2018 – GW Pharmaceuticals announces the FDA has approved cannabis medication it has made, to treat childhood epilepsy
The cannabis medication is now being reviewed by a European body, whilst the government considers making cannabis medication legal in the UK.
Early 2019 – GW Pharmaceuticals finds out if their cannabis medication has been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA)

Researching Reform wrote about GW Pharmaceuticals last month, when it was revealed that several husbands of senior government officials, including Theresa May and Home Office Minister Victoria Atkins, had substantial interests in GW, whose chairman is a conservative party donor. Disgraced Family Court psychiatrist George Hibbert is also an investor in the pharmaceutical company.


I assume it’s like everything on Amazon, just a case of finding out who to bribe.

Is it still illegal if nothing is actually sent out like with JBW?


Good point. Ask JBW I am sure they will give you an honest answer! :lying_face:

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