Can I deliver to my local fulfilment centre?


Hi I just sent my first order but it went to 3 different centres so have this added cost. 1 delivered yesterday and is already available. 1 can’t be delivered today (as it’s a Saturday) so not sure if this was OK. But 1 was processed late last night and looks like it was moved to a different centre which makes me wonder - if I package them to go to the right centre, can I drop off at my local one which is only a few miles away? I am selling small products so UPS seems like a waste when I’m having to deliver to multiple places! And annoying that I sent to the address given and it’s still being moved so a waste of time and money


Unfortunately you are unable to drop off parcels, even if the Amazon Warehouse is close by. I am in the same situation where by there are 3 large Amazon warehouses in the same town however my parcels get split up to all across the country.

I am sure it is just pot luck what centre you get, although I was lucky enough this time that the centre chosen was relatively local (still a few hours away by road)

You can always try deleting your shipment and starting up a new one to see if you get a different centre, but sometimes you may just end up getting the same. There are a number of factors Amazon use to determine which centre is best suited such as the size of the product, demand in certain areas for your products etc.


If your prepared to jump through a thousand hoops, then it’s possible to deliver to a fulfilment centre, but not to a specific one.

They have requirements, such as a booking in slot, which could be 4am in the morning.
Has to be at Van, not something such as a car, car/van and so on.
Have to have steel boots and so on.
It’s not an easy thing to do and unless this is something your going to do a lot, probably not worth the hassle to do so.


just to point out, get with how Amazon doing things or you are not going to get anywhere. We might have better way to do things for our own warehouse but you are entrusting your stock to Amazon warehouse, then you have to follow their rules or forget it totally.


Woah chill, thought this forum was to ask for advice? As one of the orders is being moved from one centre to another (no idea why as I used the address given), I didn’t know if this was something that’s possible.


Thanks, that’s a shame!


Thanks Neil, sounds like too much like hard work :wink:


There is a very painful way to do it yourself. You do the shipment as usual through Seller Central, then you book a delivery slot through Carrier Central at the FC Amazon wants the shipment to go to (anywhere from Swansea to Dunfermline to Tilbury - and anywhere in between). The delivery slot is likely to be something like 4:30am. You need to be in a sprinter/transit van or larger. Cars and car-derived vans are not acceptable. You also need to have suitable PPE i.e. protective boots, hiviz vest.


i am not trying to be too harsh but this has been discussed quite a few times in forum. Even professional courier is having problem in delivering the parcels and most of them got put on hold. Even UPS which is the prefer partner get put on hold; sometimes for weeks.

How Amazon moving stock within their centers is a black box to us; not something we should be spending time. Just do things how Amazon tell us to, that will minimise issues down the line. Try to do it otherwise, will incur cost to yourself and sometimes more penalty down the line.


Are you being allocated three different FCs because you are creating a consignment then trying to add the next one to the existing one and being refused? This is what happens to me, you have to do it all at once.


After you’ve created a shipment plan and proceeded to make it a shipment (where it gets allocated to FCs) you can no longer add any items to the contents, but can change the existing quantities.

Inbound shipments often get held for delivery, sometimes just for one day, but sometimes they’re sat on the trailer of a lorry for up to two weeks because Amazon has a backlog of inbound stock.