Can I Disable Enrolment by SKU by Marketplace? (Pan EU)


A valuable brand permits me only to sell in the UK. I am subscribed to Pan-EU.

Seller Support tells me that I cannot limit the listing of a SKU to just one marketplace. I’m sure that I used to be able to Close a listing in one marketplace independent of its listing in other marketplaces.

Can anyone shed light on this issue?

Many thanks


You can “Close” the listing in each country via the “Manage Inventory” tab. This effectively removes your listing from that country. Will not stop someone from that country visiting the UK site and buying from there.


You can’t use Pan-EU if you have even 1 marketplace closed/blocked (When the product has an EU plug you can exclude the UK), however you can continue to sell the item on FBA and on other marketplaces via cross-border fulfilment (can have very expensive fees compared to pan-EU).

Just to emphasise this, make sure the listing is created in each country and it is closed, otherwise the listing can be migrated over automatically and will go live, possibly without you even noticing. Similarly if you delete the listing instead of closing it then it can automatically be re-created.

You will always get this, the main thing usually is that you aren’t selling directly to those countries.
An EU law that came into effect about 6 months ago actually makes it illegal to sell a product to one EU country and refuse to sell it to customers from another, no-one knows if this will continue to apply once we leave the EU though (depends on our trade deals/etc.).


Thank you both.

Increasingly, I cannot close listings as the Yes, I confirm button is disabled and a message appears about business pricing, MF and saying my only option is to delete.

Am I correct in thinking that I should ‘Close’ the listing on other marketplaces as soon as I create the listing and it is visible in other marketplaces. Not that that is easy to predict.