Can I sell to all European countries (UK to DE, FR, ES and IT) without PAN EU/VAT obligations?



I’m trying to create listings in European countries in each language to sell some of my products (same SKU and inventory).
I thought I could do that but my listing in Germany is suppressed and I am struggling to even create new ones.

Is this just not possible without applying for PAN EU?
I thought Pan Eu meant storing inventory in each country, but now I’m thinking I might just need to enable PAN EU (currently disabled) BUT keep disabled the multi-country inventory.

Can anyone help me please?



If you even “enable” Pan EU you trigger the requirement to be VAT registered in all 7 countries (even before sending stock anywhere) so DONT do this. Amazon will have to close you down until you registered as they are liable by law for their sellers now.

Are you wanting to use FBA or just FBM?


Thank you, I thought that. So there is no way to sell to those countries with the standard FBA account from the UK?

I’ve been using FBA and I have some stock automatically listed to other countries, but I’m not able to add new ones.



I believe you have to tick a box that says “only store in UK”. However if you have been suspended in Germany then you probably have stock there (maybe a return you dont know anything about) and this may have triggered Vat reg in Germany.

What have Amazon said?