Can i sell to us market place via uk fba?


Just need some help.
Id like to know if i can use the UK fba to sell on the u.s market place? or would i need to do it another way as i cant find no info or how to expand to that market (.com)

I already sell to UK & EU markets and would like to sell to usa if possible, ive had emails saying i can and they accept UK bank account now.



Last I heard you had to send the stock to amazon USA for them to have it as FBA there.
They’ve been accepting UK bank accounts for at least a couple of years there, some sellers do list merchant stock there.


Hello Vintage-Gemz ,

If you wish to sell on you will need to open a separate Seller Account on the website.

Once you have opened your new account you will be able to ship your stock to Fulfillment Centers in the US for distribution to your buyers.

Please contact the Seller Support for further assistance.



This is a much more complicated decision than you were probably expecting.

US buyers could buy from, but very few will except for products that they only expect to find in the UK.

To list on, you need to create an account for does not currently export to the US using FBA.

If you plan to sell items from the UK and you would need to maintain your own inventory and self-fulfill. That would involve being prepared for shipping costs to the US and the typical delivery times that would be greater than what US buyers would expect. That could result in poorer ratings and feedback. Keep in mind that many customers do not pay attention to where the seller is located, so that could cause some difficulties.

If you want to use FBA, you would need to sign up for FBA on and be prepared to ship your inventory to the US. That would require that you engage a logistics company or the carrier to assist with the import process into the US. There will be fees required to do that. The logistics company would re-ship your items to the required US FBA warehouses after the shipment clears customs.

You should also be aware that maintaining inventory in the US, like maintaining inventory in the UK may require that you register for US state sales taxes in each state that you maintain inventory in. That could involve quarterly filing of state sales taxes for each of those states.

The same currency conversion process in use for the UK is also available for the US. A consideration is that customs, duties, sales taxes, etc. may need to be paid in US dollars. Your UK bank account could not pay those. You might be able to use a credit card for some or you may need to open a US bank account.

As this is coming into the Christmas season, the US warehouses are already getting congested with shipments from all of the US sellers. Considering what would be involved in shipping to the US, etc. you might be best to prepare for this project after Christmas. Otherwise, you could find inventory that could get lost in the shuffle.

Best of luck.


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