Can our products be sent to our UK retailers using FBA Multi Channel Fulfilment service?


Hi, we are new to Amazon and plan to begin sell our products on Amazon UK. We would like to send all our products to Amazon Fulfillment Centre in the UK. We will use FBA service with labeling and packaging service to send our products to customers who order our products on Amazon UK. Those would require Amazon item label put on at the Fuilfillment Centre. However, we would also like Amazon to ship our products to UK local retailers who order products from us directly. Those products should not be put on Amazon item labels, as the product has its own barcode on the box for retailers to scan when selling it to customers. Can this be arranged by FBA and how do we make such request through our Seller Central account? Is this kind of service we are looking for under the FBA Multi Channel Fulfillment service Amazon is providing to sellers?


I wouldn’t use mcf to send to retailers as you’re charged per unit and its not cheap
They also won’t remove any labels


I think you would get a better deal looking at a third party logistic supplier to do this for you.

If you are providing the items by pallet to them they are likely to charge you a pallet storage rate which may well be lower than the per item rate of Amazon. Assuming your retailers are ordering in bulk they will charge a lower fee to fulfil the order.


Thank you very much for your swift reply to my questions. We were thinking to use Amazon fulfillment centre as warehouse to store all our products, and use FBA service to send products to Amazon customers, but keep stocks for our retailers and ask Amazon to ship the orders to them. Is there any more economical way we can request such needed service from Amazon? Or FBA Multi Channel Fulfillment service is the only option we can take up from Amazon? Sorry if my questions are really basic!:sweat_smile:


As smiley guy states above, amazon isn’t a warehouse for storage due to the costs

It’s a 3rd party prep centre you would need

I presume you are not in uk so do your have uk vat registration too ?


Thanks for your swift reply with good advice!


I understand it now. Thanks for your good advice. Yes, we are a UK based company and does have UK VAT registration.


Do you have your own storage then ?
If so, it’s far cheaper to deal with it all in-house - storage and shipping in bulk to your retailers


Our company does not have our own storage, hence we are considering to ship everything to Amazon Fulfillment Centre since we are using their FBA service. After hearing your good advice, I think we will need to look into a third party logistic supplier for our needs to send our products to retailers.


You would probably be better with something like a storage unit facility then just repack things yourself for sending to retailers


Yes, I gather that from the good advice above. Thank you for your reply and advice too.


I would assume a storage unit would be a lot cheaper than Amazon, but then of course you would have to put the time and effort into picking, packing and posting yourself.

However note that Amazon will charge per unit - so if you send them 100,000 units and someone buys 1,000, you’ll be paying 1,000 fulfilment fees


True. Thanks for your good advice and useful info on fulfillment fees.

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