Can someone plsssss help with generic brand listing


im trying to list fairy liquid which im ungated for in oacks of 3 which already exist on amazon but it juyst keeps saying error 5885.
so frustrating because seller help keep saying its generic and blah blah.
im so confused.
pls help.
i tried ordering new barcodes etc but nothing works.


If it already exists on amazon, why are you rebranding as a generic product on a new listing ?


thats what seller central said because when i try to add product that already exists it says error 5885


You won’t be authorised to list Fairy products on behalf of the brand

Have fairy given you authorisation to bulk pack too ?


no. i just got ungated with wholesale invoice


Then you can only sell the items that exist for that brand already in the catalogue.


but that brand and bundle is already being sold on amazon


So if you go on the listing and click ‘Sell on Amazon’ what happens?


i get the same error message for an item i have sold before - When you click on the “sell on Amazon” button - it takes you to the page - but the error message pops up as soon as you try to input anything like price or quantity
Its states you are trying to change the details on the page - when all you are doing is listing on the page.
Seems to be an issue with quite a few listings pages - and Amazon dont seen to want to fix them as they just fob you off - they know its a problem