Can’t ship from inventory in UK to Germany


The help says I should see an export button in the upper right hand corner. I don’t see this on the screen and I can not create a fulfillment order although all my products are eligible


Are you talking about Multi-Channel Fulfillment Orders or FBA Export?

FBA Export needs to be enabled using this link:

If you are trying to submit a MCF order, then you just select the items, proceed to “Action on x selected” and “Create fulfillment order”. What error message are you seeing when trying to do so?

Have you already submitted your German Tax Certificate/ exemption form?


we are doing MCF orders.
When I have enabled from the links above.
Go to CREATE fulfillment
Enter in my line items
and I get Alert

  • No items in your order can be fulfilled. You may click “Go Back” to modify your order.

I have checked and all products are Exportable/Eligible . Please help, Amazon Seller Central support is awful.


Have you provided Amazon your German Tax Certificate or submitted the exemption declaration? Is the issue only related to MCF shipments sent to Germany or are you having problems with other countries as well?

It is also possible that the particular products cannot be exported due to applicable laws or Amazon restrictions.


This is not a S&L item? as i cannot read the pic clearly