Can you get lower FBA fees by shipping from the UK to an EU warehouse?


Can you get lower fulfilment fees by shipping your product to an EU location (by specifying this on the shipment creation destination marketplace)? If you are a UK seller and ship to a German warehouse then do you get local FBA fees when you sell and ship the product from Germany - or is the only way via PAN-EU? We would like to be able to compete with foreign sellers by reducing our FBA costs.


If you inbound it to a German warehouse then you’d get the local fulfilment rates (listed as MCI on the rate card), just like you would in a UK warehouse:

PanEU rates are usually the same as local fulfilment and MCI and you can inbound in your home country, but it means being VAT registered in at least 4 countries (all 5 excluding your home country).


Thanks Barry. Do Amazon transfer this stock around like they do when we send to the UK - ie. could this stock subsequently end up back in the UK? Have you used MCI yourself? The problem we have is that many of our products are not PAN-EU eligible so we need a way of getting the local fulfilment fees. I’m just concerned that we send stock to the EU marketplaces and it end up back in the UK and we then have to pay EFN fees if we then sell in Europe. Any advice from your experiences would be most welcome.


As long as you don’t opt into the Pan-European FBA, your inventory will be only stored in countries which you select in each of your Amazon Europe marketplace account’s “Cross-Border Fulfilment Settings”:

So there is no need to worry about the units getting transferred and stored across Europe.

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