Can you ship different individual items loose in the same box


Hi Guys

Last week I decided to give FBA a go despite some of the horror stories, it seems they are the exception rather than the norm. We shipped one item of 24 to SnL without any problems everything went smoothly and they are selling.

I am looking at sending further inventory into Amazon now and intend to send approx 10 or 12 separate ASINS in quantities of either 3 or 6. These are small and will be placed individually in a bubble bag with a FNSKU label on each. There will be approx 10 different products with a total of around 50 items. What is the safest or correct way to package them inside the box? all separate or the same FNSKU banded together with a rubber band or in a bag. I don’t want to do this wrong or confuse the warehouse staff.

One further question about pending FBA orders, I have noticed that all the orders I have received have been pending payment for between 5 and 14 hours and this disappears once its shipped unlike most FBM orders change from pending once the 30 mins has passed. Is that normal for FBA orders to show pending until Amazon ships it


Hi you can mix skus some people advice against it here but we do it all the time the only thing you find which can be frustrating you might have 10 of 1 sku 6 of another 4 of another and they sometimes go that sku with 4 needs to go to a different center an it does your head in it happens regularly but you will see when creating the shipment


Thanks Peter seen a lot of your posts and the ones about your FBA, if you arent having many issues then I feel confident about sending the mixed items in. Was a little worried about the different fulfilment centres as this would put the price up considerably if they were to go to 3 or 4 different ones.

Now I am on FBA I am expecting to be a millionaire by Xmas I have seen the videos :grinning::grinning:


Haha I much prefer fba mind you need to check your shipments closely at the moment never an issue until covid but we keep getting notifications saying the boxes or plus or minus and you have to open a case they have sorted all ours so far bar we have one open as they now seem to have lost the stuff lol.
If it is lost its covered and we have been using fba for about 2 year now never any losses touch wood


I have been on FBM for over 2 years now so still relatively new, spend a lot of time reading the forums and I have been put off FBA by some of the stories on the forum but you only get to hear about the problems not the success stories. I am getting a little old now for all the picking and packing dashing to the post office etc so decided to give Amazon a chance to take over that part.
I sent one sku of 24 which was received on Tuesday and was available Wednesday evening and 5 have gone so far. Total profit on that item for the 24 is £106 approx and sell those in a month, If I can give Amazon 20 sku and they sell at a similar rate hopefully that will have me all sorted.


This is it we do both but amazon we mostly focus fba now as well the fees are high but the prime price is a little higher to we doing good from it so far tbf


We also ship mixed SKU boxes in all the time, and so far have only have one shipment where the items were checked in against the wrong product (and that was sorted out automatically after a few weeks - we didn’t need to wait for the discrepancy delay to report it). Even though that occurred after many successful shipments, we now arrange all products in the box with the barcode facing upwards when opened so each can be scanned out without any confusion. We also stick a “Mixed SKUs” label on the top of the box, although they should already know that from the barcode. So far that one incident was the only time we have had something misidentified in three years now.

I wouldn’t rubber band similar items together. I’m hopeful most warehouse staff would pick up on it and split them out, but very occasionally I get products sent to me (as a buyer) where they have sent me a multipack that was intended to be split. There is no real need to group similars together unless it is for your own packing process. If you did group them, make sure whatever method you use fully obscures all the individual barcode labels forcing them to be unbundled to scan them into the bins. Otherwise you run the risk that one visible barcode will be scanned and the bundle will be counted singly. The unpacker should only keep opening packaging until the first readable barcode, and likewise when picking for an order.

With the correct labelling you can send cases, and master cases that contain inner cases containing singles, but you can’t mix SKUs in them so that won’t apply for your query.