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Would anyone have an oppinion on which EU country is the best when it comes to imports?
We currently have product headed to Amazon germany but learning after the fact that Germany is not friendly when it comes to non-German entities. (Indirect imports). Not sure if we have this right but it appears they want us to pay 19% duty on 80% of the sales price, which apparently we can’t claim back. We even have a trade agreement with the EU but it appears to mean nothing.

Any thoughts on this and/or if there are better EU countries to import into.

Much appreciated.



Hi Peter, try contacting powercargo logistics as they can assist with indirect representation in Germany, which is what you need in order to import there. The same goes for any EU member country.


Did you solve this issue? We ship food to Germany, but it’s become increasingly difficult to find IOR services (or get them to respond) such that we can get a customs clearance. I’m actually considering paying for an address in the EU just to get around this problem.

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