Cancel inbound inventory, NOT YET SHIPPED


I need to cancel some inventory stock that is on the wrong ASIN. I haven’t sent the stock to the FBA center, its still with me at the moment.

The reason i need to cancel is because the stock is being sent to FBA as the wrong product and i need to add them as the correct product.

How can i cancel the incoming shipment so i can remake and resend as the correct product.
Thanks in advance


so you have not printed the shipping label yet? or you have? if so, within last 24 hours?


I have printed the labels yesterday over 24hrs ago


Can you go into the shipment and cancel it?


you have not sent the shipment? if you cannot cancel it, open a case with SS and ask them to do it for you.

Its ok, we all done it; so long you not shipped it.


I found the shipment and was able to cancel it!
Thank you my friends!


Great news! It might still show up in your inventory as inbound for the next couple of hours.