Cannot manually create MCF orders


From this morning, For all this day
We cannot manually create MCF orders - When we choose an item and click ‘Create fulfilment order’ we get this error on the next page


Does anyone have a solution?

Thanks in advance


Hi not sure if your a new seller is your account definitely active and your inventory showing available and not pending transfer?


Thank you for the quick response,
I’m not a new seller
my inventory showing available and not pending or transfer
Today the account in Germany was blocked by Amazon , (something related with vat)
In a message from Amazon was written - “you may no longer offer to ship items into Germany”
Do you think this is related?
Because the MCF error appears in all products and in all European countries.


If the stock is sitting in DE or order going to De it is likely I have just placed an order no issue for uk


True, there is no problem for the customer to make FBA

I ignore Germany
(I understand the blockage)
But it seems to me that Amazon may have accidentally blocked the option for me
In all other countries,
Once I try to create MCF delivery (not from Germany)
Even before I get to the page of shipping details, address, etc.
I get this error page, (screenshot attached)

Thanks in advance


Hmm yea strange one maybe worth trying to speak to someone on chat in support