Can't log into my US seller account, please help!


Hello, Guys,
Thank you for spending time on my concern.
I received Amazon’s notification from seller performance on September 14th and knew that my account was suspended because issue refund without sufficient justification. But to be truth, I have never issued refund to customers and have never violated Amazon’s rules. After received this notification, I can’t log into my account. It always appears that we detected illegal activities on your account, so my account was blocked temporarily. I asked for help from Amazon customer service. Finally, I got an email about my account has been reinstated from account specialist. Once I received this email, I tried to log in my account immediately, however, it appears that Not authorized, you do not have an access this merchant, please pick a different merchant or marketplace.It’s so strange that I can’t log in my us account with the registered email box. I also tried many ways like clear all the cookies, change the IP and the device according to Amazon customer service. But none of them works. Appeal emails were also sent to seller performance team, they give me automatic reply and let me submit my appeal on the seller central. But the question is that I can’t log into my seller central, so I don’t know how to submit my appeals. Anyone can help me? There are many shipments on my account,if I can log into my account, I can’t handle with my products.
Please Help!