Carrier and tracking information will be required starting November 1


In our ongoing efforts to receive your shipments quickly and make your inventory available for sale faster, we have updated our policy about carrier and tracking information.

Starting November 1, 2021, FBA sellers will be required to enter the carrier name and tracking information, if your carrier provides it, when you create a non-partnered carrier shipment.

Submit carrier and tracking information before shipment is received at a fulfilment centre. This change does not apply if you use the Amazon Partnered Carrier programme or Amazon Global Logistics, because we generate tracking for you.

Carrier and tracking information helps us to avoid delays in receiving. In addition, when In-Stock Head Start is active, your out-of-stock products can be made available for sale, because we will have real-time tracking for in-transit shipments. For faster receiving times, ensure that the tracking IDs for parcel shipments are mapped to the correct FBA box ID label on each box.

You can provide tracking information on the Track shipment tab of the Summary page in your shipment workflow. You can also provide the information via Amazon Marketplace Web Services.

For parcel shipments, tracking IDs will be required for every box. For less-than-truckload and full-truckload shipments, a freight progressive number (PRO) will be required for every shipment. To learn more, go to Track your shipment (Shipping Queue).

Amazon will measure the missing tracking-information defect rate for each shipment.

For more information, go to Carrier and tracking information requirements


The Amazon control freaks strike again. Don’t all shout your protests at once. It won’t make any difference, anyway


I am have missed the message about the new system they have introduced to allow a CSV upload of all the individual tracking numbers.

Currently I just enter 1 consignment number that covers every parcel.

I am sure they will have developed something to reduce the time taken to do this lengthy job.

Please could someone post the details?



Is this just for FBA people?


Yes, it says so in the 2nd sentence. Indeed, the whole thing is clearly about fulfilment centres and shipments to them


Has anyone had any luck getting a PRO number from the likes of palletline, etc?


so for example if we have 50 boxes sent with DPD we are going to have to input every tracking number for each box manually? because there is no API integration for this. that will take ages each day!




thats going to be so time consuming


What about franked mail?


This is about sending goods to Fulfilment Centres
Read the OP properly


Hi I am currently struggling with this too, we have up to 500 boxes sent out daily and have to manually do this no matter what i try i can find a way to do it. Need help fast.


basically have to start using UPS amazon partnered programme i think


If everybody switches to use UPS partnered carrier won’t that cause even bigger backlogs when it comes to UPS?!


Where do sellers stand that only use 2nd and 1st class large letter stamps please ? Appreciate any help


I doubt you use those methods for sending stock to FBA?


This post is about sending fba stock in - not fbm


What is a PRO for shipping pallets. Clicking on the link suggested in the email doesn’t show me what a PRO is? Anyone managed to get a PRO from their carrier?


Yes but it is being applied to all of us regardless. I have entered the only numbers we get given on 1st and 2nd class post and they don’t count. My vtr is still 0


This announcement is literally nothing to do with VTR.

It is how sellers who use Fulfilment by Amazon have to send their items in to the Amazon warehouses.