Carrier and tracking information will be required starting November 1


Once again, this thread is nothing to do with VTR

It clearly says -


To be fair they could have easily added it in the title to make it actually clear. Amazon wouldn’t be Amazon if anything was easy and clear.


Yes but even the first line says - to receive your shipments quickly and make your inventory available


Once again, this thread proves that people just jump in and post comments without reading either the OP or the thread itself… :roll_eyes:


Many Thanks. That’s a relief.


I am an individual Seller, selling books only, from our home, and use our village Post Office for dispatching orders. Many of our books are thin paperbacks and up to now have been posted Large Letter which are not given a Tracking Number. Do the new Carrier Instructions apply to Individual Sellers as well as FBA Sellers. I am confused and any plain English explanation would be most welcome.

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They apply to anyone who sells via FBA - which could be an individual seller. If you don’t sell via FBA then you should be looking at the rules for VTR.


Read. The Opening Post. Properly.


You send 500 boxes a day to amazon??


We are wondering this too. I haven’t a scooby doo!