Carrier Lost return for Amazon provided Evri label and now neither will help ..any advice please


Evri appear to have a lost a buyer’s return(last scan 20th Dec) its an Amazon provided return Label for a SFP sale and Safe-t have denied claim and say I have to claim from Carrier and Evri wont help either as its an Amazon MFN Tier 5 Label and only Amazon can claim, CS have refunded the buyer
Has anybody any advice on this or any Amazon forums staff able to help please as I am stuck now, surely I cant just be left out of pocket ??



Customer would have been refunded under the refund at first scan policy.

For lost parcels, you are supposed to claim via the courier (Amazon Policy states this) - for Evri the max claim is £20.

However, you’ve hit upon the issue that it is quite difficult to claim via Evri as the label is amazons.

Other sellers have advised that they have managed to get past the Evri chat bot through various means, or writing to Evri, or calling Grattan PLC (whom invoice you for the labels).

Though again, this should show the various forum mods that the process to claim for lost returns is simply not outlined correctly. Would be lovely if this could be escalated as an issue.


I can only confirm that you are only likely to get anywhere with Evri. If you have a purchased receipt from Evri and a tracking number then that is all you need to make a claim on the Evri website. You can download a receipt for your payment to Evri from your tax document library. It is under Grattan.


Thanks for that info - thats makes perfect sense as I now have an invoice for the label connecting it to me so I can claim hopefully.
CS and the Safe-t team have been unable to provide this information and just gone in circles…

thanks again


Hey @Chris1973,

I have sent you a direct message, please do check you inbox.



@WInston_Amazon - perhaps you could clarify the process of claiming via Evri here for everyone? Because its just not clear, considering there are so many ‘workarounds’


Hello dear Sellers!

Together with @Winston_Amazon, we are collecting the information on this topic and we need your help.

In case Evri advised you to contact Amazon to get the refund or there was no reply - can you please provide us with the tracking IDs and brief summary of the case? (feel free to contact us by DM if you prefer).

I will copy and paste the same message to other related threads to reach everyone who would like to share the data with us.

Thanks a lot in advance!



We have the same issue with Royal Mail. Would you need the order numbers they relate to? Can I ask a question relating to this. How long does the prepaid label stay open when the prepaid return is a 48 hour service and you have a ETA on the return?