Cartons and Boxes FBA Shipping Question - 2 SKUS


Would appreciate some help with a FBA shipment! :slight_smile:

Basically I have 2 SKU’s with 144 units each and they broken down into the below.

6 Cartons - Inside each carton is 4 Boxes of 6 Units = 24 per Carton

Therefore in total on the 1 pallet is:

  • 2 SKUS and 12 Cartons (6 per SKU)
  • 48 boxes of 6 units with the 12 Cartons.

So would it be possible to send the 12 Cartons of 48 boxes of 6 units each in or would I have to break it down and send 48 boxes of 6 units on the pallet?

Many thanks!


Hi you can send it like that if you select case packed on the shipping page but you need to make sure that you choose that option or you risk 1 case been sold as one unit



Thanks for the reply, so I would need to separate the big carton into the 4 boxes?

Okay case packed, I’ve done that before!


Hi so say you have 2 units each case needs to contain one sku but you can put them all onto the same pallet.

X2 Cases
X1 Case - SKU-123 =24 units per case etc