Catch 22 regarding FBA to non-main Amazon market


Hello. Maybe someone had faced similar situation and will be able to tell me how to resolve below problem.

We have recently moved from FBM to FBA and we sell products on all European markets except NL. For EU sales we use EFN and we keep all our products in UK. Recently we got contacted by a buyer from Austria informing us that they cannot order one of our products and they get message: “This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. Please choose a different delivery location.” I have checked the listing and it seems that one Asin can be delivered to Austria and other cannot. I checked the product details in manage inventory and they look exactly the same. I contacted SS but the call handler couldn’t answer why this happens (constantly telling me to ask buyer to contact Amazon to see why it is happening - I did check the listing on my Austrian friend’s phone and it was giving me the same mistake). I found out that this may be linked to whether the product is exportable in the exportable report for sell globally and bingo. I was right. All the products that could not be delivered to Austria were marked as non exportable due to other restrictions. I contacted SS and they said that one of the POTENTIAL reasons is that the item didn’t have enough sales to make it exportable. Now the question is, how do I make sales to make it exportable if the sales before FBA were mostly to non-main European markets (which are not accessible right now)? At the moment I also cannot do FBM due to personal reasons.


Hi to be honest your better of sending a polite email advising them its your stock but amazon take care of the CS side - it could be a number of reasons due to product restricted in that location to delivery or even just were your stock is and quantity etc.