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Hello everybody,

I started my european amazon journey as a seller in Europe, when I was living in Germany, so I signed up in DE Marketplace as home marketplace. Later on I moved to Spain and while I still selling stuff in Germany, I’m not holding stock there and I’m not making more than $100k a year in sales, so I should not be required to register for VAT in Germany. Problem is that as DE is my home marketplace, amazon don’t allow you to uncheck the box for storing inventory in DE, which autmatically forces you to get a german VAT number as I understood. So to me the solution would be to switch the home marketplace form DE to ES so I would be able to uncheck storing inventory in DE.

Do you guys think is possible to do so? if so, how to proceed? Any other possible solution to my problem besides what I thought about?

Thanks a lot!


I would advise you to open a case with the Seller Support as a change of the home Amazon marketplace isn’t something what you would be able to do on your own.



I have done so and 1st attempt the rep said its impossible. I guess I should insists because I learned to not trust SS. It would be helpful to read somebody that went through the same process.


Here is a post from a forum moderator advising that this can be done only with the help of Seller Support, so you will need to keep trying:


We did ask them several times too. Even called but the answer was always the same “with the current system it is impossible” - we will let You know.
Having same issue. Registered in U.K but want to change it to DE or PL as the returns are going back to UK, which is huge dealbreaker for us.


There is an option to update your Source and Target marketplace:

However the Seller Support should be able to assist you with changing the registration site as well.


Hi @WERKON_Polska,

Unfortunately it is no longer possible to change your home marketplace. The post referenced is from 2018 and is now outdated. The process may change in the future but at this time it is not possible to change the home marketplace.

The link provided by Kika is only relevant for Build International Listings and not related to the scenario you have explained.