Change in Bank Account - Account Suspended for Verification


Interesting experience with Amazon UK. We were selling on Amazon US for over four years and on Amazon UK / Pan-EU for a year. I have decided to change bank account for GBP to a UK-based bank. This change triggered account suspension to verify something (probably identity). I have nothing against security but why while account is verified there is NO way to contact Seller Support but via email? You can not request a call back. It seems a little strange to me since the fastest way to re-confirm identity would be with a phone call to a registered phone number.

Did someone have the same experience?



Would you honestly want to trust all the money you earn in Amazon sales to the security of a phonecall?


It would be nice to have an option to verify account change over the phone without account being suspended for review.


About a year or so ago i also changed bank account (or at least tried!) but AZ was throwing up all sorts of issues for the IBAN number I was using for verification of the old account. Im with Barclays and they have a webpage where you can auto-generate your IBAN number but for me this just wasn’t working. So after 3 tries i too got suspended etc. After many calls to CS they couldn’t work it out either, so eventually they actually put me through to the verification team. I spoke to an Irish lady, very helpful indeed and the issue was that the “new” IBAN number didn’t match the IBAN number that I initially signed up with when i started with AZ. She explained that she used to work for a bank and that banks regularly change their IBAN codes, so what i had to do was to locate the original PDF file that I submitted years ago and i was to use that number, not the new IBAN number. I found the original PDF scan…plopped the IBAN in from that statement and hey presto…acceptance! She said it happens all the time and that AZ really should sort it out!

Now then, about a month ago I changed banks and thought ‘here we go again’, but I tried the new IBAN and it worked first time! What joy!

Sadly you said that you can’t call them now, it’s obviously changed again! I hope you get it sorted though.


Thanks Dave. Hope it won’t take keeps to sort out. It seems to me like a regular matter that Amazon should have streamlined.
It would be great it I can talk to verification team.


i think actually talking to someone died a few years ago! I consider myself so lucky to talk with someone who knew wtf they were on about!!

is the issue the IBAN number with you?


I don’t know what the issue is. Came out of nowhere…


are you totally locked out of even trying to change anything at all?


I am kind of half-locked. Status says “documents submitted for verification”. Lets hope next week will bring us good news.


There’s a saying if “it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it!” The same goes for Amazon. If all is hunky dory don’t make any changes to your account!


You are 100% correct.


yup…i agree. sadly though, sometimes you gotta change something!

a few months ago everyone here was up in arms about AZ pushing the whole VAT thing yes? Sellers left right n centre getting all sorts of issues. I too had them with AZ telling me my address doesn’t exist, or it doesn’t match some 3rd party site they use when my address is clearly for view on the actual HMRC site! To this day i still dont know what my vat status is here, but with sales so low after christmas due to AZ’s inept postage change…i dont care!

What AZ has done for me is to make me realise that as a seller on the WWW, both AZ/eBay are NOT the be-all and end-all and that we should all seriously spread our presence beyond these marketplaces.


Amazon UK verification team did a very fast job confirming the account (within 24 hours). The problem is that the status is still SUSPENDED. Does anyone know how long does it take to remove SUSPENDED status after account was verified?


I had this happen to me once after I re-went through verification after changing my registered address. I got the email saying “your account is verified and you may now start selling on Amazon” etc, but my account was still showing as suspended.

I ended up submitting a new support ticket explaining that I’d been verified and requesting they remove the suspension. They fixed it the same day


Based on what an Amazon representative told me, updating your account’s disbursement method a few days before your regular disbursement will automatically trigger a suspension, while doing this just after a transfer may not.

Personally, whenever I updated my own bank account number, it resulted in a lenghty suspension.

Regarding contacting Amazon by phone while having your Seller Account deactivated, here is a direct phone link for the Account Health Department:



I’ve changed bank details 3 months ago and I was expecting suspension and another verification process but everything went smooth.
The only thing, I was not able to ask for withdraw for few days. In my case bank remain the same, we’ve only changed all the details (name, bank card…)

good luck !


That is a good point. I wish I know it before. On the one hand, it makes sense to be extra careful in the situations when can account is changed before a scheduled transfer. On the other hand, the whole process creates delays and I with Amazon handled it better.
The unfortunate thing is that Amazon Seller Support is useless since they can not escalate anything or get anything done. Simply act like “phone psychologists”: “Yes, Sir. We understand, Sir. We are very sorry, Sir…” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: