Change of priority


Maybe it’s just me but when I logged into these forums, I’ve now notice that the ‘Fulfilment By Amazon’ category is now top of the category list, and that the more frequently used ‘Sell on Amazon’ has been pushed right down :thinking:


Not just you.:expressionless:

PeterPan will have a field day!


He’s typing as we speak… :open_mouth:


It could be a long wait :rofl:


Same here, can see loads of general questions going to the FBA boards as they’re right at the top.


Well they can of course be ignored there as well as in the general section


Maybe it was a business decision by Amazon to make the mods work harder for their crusts :fearful:
Because they’ll be doing a lot more work if what you said actually happens.


well for me it can move up or down day after day, according to the last session I clicked on and read before closing my computer. Today FBA, tomorrow feedback, day after tomorrow another one, depending on what i’ve done before. Just roll up or down to find the one you want to read . The problem I see is that some messages simply disappear from the feedback , I’ve read they are put in the “national category” if necessary, fr, uk, it, de etc …


Yes, I’ve noticed FBA has supplanted ‘Sell on Amazon’ at the top of the list.

Priorities indeed…

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