Change on VAT rules for sales to UK customers


Starting January 1, 2021, the way that UK VAT is collected on sales to customers in the UK will change under new legislation being introduced by the UK Government.

Amazon will be responsible for collecting UK VAT on the following sales of goods delivered to customers in the UK where ordered through any Amazon storefront:

  1. Goods delivered from inventory stored outside the UK with a parcel value of up to £135; and
  2. Goods delivered from inventory stored in the UK, irrespective of value, where you, the seller, are not established in the UK

Where either of these supplies take place, Amazon will calculate and collect UK VAT from the customer at checkout and remit this directly to the UK Tax Authorities. You will not receive the UK VAT amount in your disbursements and will not be required to remit these amounts to the UK Tax Authorities.

Please note that the current VAT exemption for sales of goods under £15, where goods are delivered to UK customers from inventory stored outside of the UK, will also be removed from January 1, 2021. At that point, UK VAT will be calculated and collected by Amazon on these sales irrespective of their value.

Further information regarding this change and the implications for your business, is available on the UK VAT Ecommerce Legislation help page.


Hello, if we are bussines seller on marketplace co uk and we selling products to customer in UK who’s will pay tax/vat ?

We despatch our package by FBM from Poland.

Because now it’s export from EU to no EU (UK) we will apply on our invoice 0% VAT
Package will despatch to customer by DHL with EORI number.

We saw that we sold product to UK customer and amazon takes from this sales 20% of VAT so we will receive our funds minus 20%.
I think that customer is responsible to pay additional cost like VAT/TAX …
How we can create invoice with 0% if amazon already taken 20% vat from this sale ?

Can you explain this please ?
I stop now selling to UK because all our funds will be deduct by 20% by AMAZON

How I can update each listing SKU for 0% ?
We are in Poland, we shipping package from Poland by FBM to UK customer so from 1.1.2021 we can use 0% VAT for export …

Thank you in advance


You won’t get an answer from Amazon on here. It’s an Announcement post that they won’t come back to, a bit like a “No reply” e-mail address


ohhhh… also no answers from customer service.


Selling in U.K

Cost of Product £100
V.A.T 20% £20
Total £120
Buyer will pay VAT