Change to customer returns requirements for international seller-fulfilled orders


Effective October 5, 2021, if you fulfil customer orders sold on from outside the UK, we request that you offer either Returnless Refund or provide a Domestic return option for items and orders under £20 (including VAT and shipping charges) as part of our Selling on Amazon Returns policy. In such instances, we will generate a prepaid return label (see Amazon Prepaid Return Label), which the customer can use to return the items. To set your UK default return address, access the Seller Account Information page, go to Settings > Account Info > Shipping and Returns Information section, click Return Address, and then fill it out with the appropriate address.

If you do not provide Amazon with a default return address in the UK for items and orders under £20, Amazon will automatically issue the customer a refund on your behalf where return requests fall within the scope of the Amazon Return policy, without requiring the customer to return the item to you (Returnless Refund).

This change will help to simplify and standardize the returns process for customers and sellers for low-cost items, where international labels are generally more expensive than the cost of the item. If you do not have a UK default return address, our International Returns provider on the Solution Provider Network may be able to help. The above policy will also apply to,,, and, for all items and orders under €25 (including VAT and shipping charges).

For more information on returns, go to the help pages below:

Automatic return refund initiated for a custom product?

Wait till the scammers get wind of this one! :tired_face:


I removed my earlier post as I misread the amazon bulletin,
thinking it was for us uk sellers sending to customers outside the UK.

this demand they are putting on the international sellers is surely not new - I thought they had to have a UK return address anyway.

we had to have a local return address or international prepaid returns for Amazon’s Europe marketplaces at least 3 years ago


Same for the UK marketplace, so not sure why they are enforcing this rule now as the customer would not have paid the returnlabel anyway.

This might get even more Chinese sellers to use ‘random’ return addresses


got this email today looks like for us no more having to worry about ioss as we wont be selling on these markets. its bad enough free returns in the uk for our low value sales. with out eu returns!!
As of October 5, 2021, if you manage customer orders sold in from outside of Spain, we ask that you offer a no refund ( or a domestic return option for products and orders priced below €25 (VAT and shipping included) as part of the Selling on Amazon ( return policy.

If you do not provide us with a default return address in Spain for products and orders priced below €25, we will automatically issue the customer a refund on your behalf when return requests are an option under Amazon’s return policy (, without the need for the customer to return the product to you (refund without return). To set your default return address in Spain, go to the “Seller Account Information” ( page, go to “Settings” > “Account Information” > “Shipping and Returns Information”, click on “Return Address” and then enter the corresponding address.

This change will help simplify and standardize the return process for customers and sellers on low-cost products, considering that international labels are usually more expensive than these products. If you don’t have a default return address in Spain, our Service Provider Network International Returns Provider ( provider can help. This policy will also apply to, and for products and orders priced below €25 (VAT and shipping included), and for products and orders priced below £20 (VAT and shipping included).

For more information on returns, see the following help pages:

• Returns of international orders (

• Refunds without return (


it’s the same on all marketplaces. Germany, Spain, France, will all require returnless refunds if you don’t have a local address there.

What a rip off. My prices will be going up yet again to cover yet more scammers, Amazon is now significantly more expensive than other platforms for all my customers, and this certainly won’t help.


Ezi Returns will be happy though!


How much does it cost you for your lowest cost item? and what price is that?


I use ship7 for this. No stupid monthly fees, processing fees and other ripoffs, free storage for a month, etc. They took photos of each incoming package and answer you for every request.

It’s the same in Germany where I use mailboxde.

Google it. You are welcome.


Well, I think Amazon doesn’t know where I am,
I suppose I have this e-mail too, but it’s in Spanish

A partir del 5 de octubre de 2021, si gestionas pedidos de clientes vendidos en desde fuera de España, te pedimos que ofrezcas un reembolso sin devolución … etc

I only sell on Amazon handmade UK, to UK, and I get this message in Spanish! nothing in English


Mine was in Spanish that was a outlook translation.


The simple solution is to give your stock away for free.


So was mine and I don’t sell on


Any recommendations for France and Spain? :blush:


I only sell on Amazon U.K. but do get orders from elsewhere via this. How do I turn off international shipping to these specific countries please? Each of my items is handmade, I’m not going to give them away for free.


My understanding of the email & notification is it only applies to sellers selling on the EU websites. If selling to the EU via buyer still has to return all orders to UK address.

Just got IOSS up & running & now have to stop selling to the EU again. Madness & a disaster for our business. The losers will also be most of our lovely customers.


Thanks. How do you get on with them being returns & making sure you’re not charged import VAT by the UK customs?


This will be in pace for us in the UK too very soon.

What this new policy does is removes the ability to provide a prepaid return label. You either have an address in the buyers country or the buyer gets an immediate refund.

Amazon have lost the plot. Every move is now geared towards the buyer getting the item for free.


top right - settings - shipping settings
click on one of your shipping templates on the left, then click edit on the right - you can then remove everything except the domestic shipping


“if you fulfil customer orders sold on from outside the UK”…

Presumably this means if you ship items to europe from the UK on

So customers in european countries get free returns of products they bought in the UK for ANY reason?

So effectively, if the item is a small inexpensive item, the seller is going to pay Amazon’s chosen return cost (no doubt really expensive) OR switch off returns in which cases customers can keep the items for free just by making a return claim.

All the customer has to do is to claim they want to return the item, and they can keep the item for free? Seriously! This is ridiculous. Have I understood this right?