Change to customer returns requirements for international seller-fulfilled orders


Handmade should be exempt from Prepaid Returns I think…


Prices raised - tick


no it is if you the seller are outside of the UK and are shipping to a customer in the UK.


That’s not the way I read it. It says …“if you fulfill orders… from outside the UK” meaning the orders are coming from outside the UK. It would make no difference to people selling on from outside or inside the UK.


Not great when you use a provider that tends to change the address things need to go to to include a unique reference number! So that doesn’t work for me for Spain, Italy, France, Poland and Sweden at all… only Germany I have fixed return address :frowning:


Mailboxde is for pan EU fulfilment. If you use pan-eu, you can remove each FBA returns to mailboxde regardless the marketplace or pan-eu country… For MFN returns, you can only use it for Germany. For UK I use ship7. If you remove the summarized and consolidated goods from ship7 to outside of the UK (back to your home address), you’ll be charged for import VAT in your homecountry.


It was brought into the USA last September but only affected items under $10 so what happened was people who where selling items under $10 all raised their prices to over $10 to avoid the returnless refunds Amazon then retaliated by raising the policy to all items under $25 I had a buyer who claimed within minutes of the item being dispatched that the item was not as described was granted a full refund and got to keep the goods a few hours later a $24 dollar item that had just been marked as dispatched the buyer sends a sorry bought by mistake granted a free returness refund and got to keep the goods it was then that I closed my Amazon USA page.

I have repeatedly asked Amazon where in the contract does it say that Amazon can legally claim ownership of goods owned by a second party (me) and give it to a third party (customer as they are not paying for goods cannot call them a buyer) for free? that is illegal and puts the customer in possession in stolen goods how can that be good for the customer experience? it is now a year and still waiting for an Answer from Amazon.


Products has deleted / prices updated.
Thanks Amazon!


It’s just one load of **** every month this year. I think Amazon are trying to kill all small businesses. Crazy.

Most of our items are under €25. A regular order for us would be a German buying 6 items each costing €20, total order value €120.

So do I interpret correctly? Buyer could file a return for all 6 items & get refunded the total €120 + shipping?


That is a good question. The way it is worded it looks like they could file for each item as single returns and get a full refund. But I am not sure as with most things on Amazon it is open to interpatation.


I suspect if a seller has returnless refunds enabled on a sku
it would process it as a returnless refund regardless of if the customer had bought 1 or 1000 units of the same item.


Anyone have a good suggestion for a forwarder based in france?


I’ve spent ages Googling but can’t find anything suitable for France either! So France shut at present.

For Germany I think I shall use Tiptrans. As far as I can see on their Standard Plan it is free to receive unlimited parcels & disposal is only €2

I think providing a local return address will stop people after free items & may deter some people returning for the tryer ons. I see Amazon are now auto-authorising EU returns but at least with local address it gives the seller time to respond to return requests to try to solve any issue.

If the order is low value & returned I’ll just pay $2 for Tiptrans to dispose of it rather than let the customer keep it (unless we are at fault).


The policy does not make reference to customised products?