Change to the sign-in process for Seller Central


Starting as early as December 1, 2022, you must set up two-step verification with a mobile number or authenticator app to sign in to Seller Central. This update will ensure that your seller account remains secure. After you enter your password, you’ll receive a one-time password over SMS on your phone to confirm your sign-in.

If you don’t want to receive a one-time password over SMS every time you sign in to Seller Central, you can go to Login Settings to register an authenticator app for two-step verification.

If you don’t have a mobile number or an authenticator app registered on your account, you’ll be guided through a process to register your mobile number during your next sign-in.

For more information, go to Two-step verification frequently asked questions.


I think this is great news! We all have our detraccting moments when it comes to new policies but I can’t for the life of me think why there are 26 down votes on the news announcment for this policy.

It protects your accounts guys!

I know more than a handful of people who over the years have woken up to hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of sales. All for items they have never sold like 50" TVs and iPads. This simple action prevents the chaos that dealing with a situation like that causes.

2 step verifcation is a good thing - use it.


While I agree that this is good if you only have one user.

I just tried to add a secondary user. To enable permission to look at orders etc. I would have to enter all Identification data, like Passport / Driving Licence number. This seems way over the top when I have to go through all of this to get my account verified.

I would have thought just a secondary user would just need a mobile number to get the 2-D number, but they seem to want more & more info.

I’m suprised they didn’t ask for inside leg measurement so they can sell him some new trousers.


All secondary users require verification - even before this announcement


Just seems over the top as I have already gone through hoops to register and get fully verified as a business already.


My employee dosen’t want to give Amazon all of their personal details.


Been doing it for ages


I can see PS_Autoparts issue though…

We have 12 ish staff, and temp seasonal staff who all need access to some degree or another. Being forced into a position where we would now have to validate them all is a bit of an issue when some of them aren’t with us for very long.

I was hoping for the ability to set up a generic secondary user ID that the staff could use, whilst keeping the primary admin login myself… plus, I also have an IT guy who occasionally works from home, and I work both in the office and from home, and staff permanently in the office and everyone needs independent access which we now can’t use one single phone number for.

I appreciate the reason they are implementing this, but their current solution really only works for very small businesses with very few staff. We already had systems in place that prevented staff from knowing the passwords across all platforms, but this system renders it useless.


But it’s always been like this - before this announcement

It’s presumably to stop multiple accounts via family and especially to ensure that VAs are vetted


Then they cannot and should not, have access to your amazon account


Yes, I realise this, but we previously could allow staff to use the same login to access the system without needing all these separate users.

Now, we are being forced to adopt a security solution that does not meet our needs. Hence it’s a bit of an issue. I’m sure we will eventually create workarounds to make it work for us, but given the primary account owner is fully verified and is responsible for any issues, it would have been nice to allow us to make the decision for ourselves how we wanted to run our accounts.


I don’t often disagree with your comments but how would they print the orders that need to be sent without access ?

My emplyees work for me, I give them permission to any of my business information I feel fit, and I monitor this.

With this in place, I would have to close down if I had a holiday, or even decided to have a lie-in one morning.


If they were previously using one 'employee ’ login, can you not just buy a company mobile phone that stays in the office ?


Same as above, either a company mobile phone or use a 3rd party shipping solution like packing partner etc


Then how does my IT guy access from outside of the office… he currently can remotely fix issues. For that matter, how do I? Hence it’s not a usable solution for us. I am guessing you do not have staff and/or separate home & office? If not, it might be why it’s not an issue for you, but that does not mean it isn’t an issue for other people ;0)


It’s not an issue for me because there are solutions …


Ah-ha. That is the work-around I was thinking of using.

They say ‘Great minds think alike’


@ Littleshop

yes, for you, and maybe most accounts. It just doesn’t work for everyone. (you do realise that right?)

We already use 3rd party shipping solutions (Linnworks) but as a lot of our items are custom, we have no choice but to have our staff access Amazon to retrieve photos etc.

Like I said, we will find workarounds so it’s not the end of the world, but surely the forum is the correct place to share issues and workarounds (within Amazon policy obviously) that might help provide solutions and highlight issue with other users. Just because you don’t have any issues, others may still have.


Have you read the policy
And the section about the option of downloading authenticator apps on PCs ?


Yes, and it does not fit my business. not all businesses are the same ;0)