Change to the sign-in process for Seller Central


Fair enough
Hopefully it will help others where it does suit their business


I thought you only had to provide things like passport etc if the secondary user was dealing with returns and refunds? Though I admit I haven’t added a secondary user in a while.


If anyone not with me needs access they just call me for the code, same on occasion with other marketplaces.


The reality is Authenticator is going to be going everywhere in the future because it is a much more stringent security mechanism for many reasons. I can completely understand that some staff may not want to give their personal details to Amazon and to be perfectly honest I don’t see why Amazon needs the level of detail it does for users with lesser credentials. However, it is what they want and unfortunately this is what you’ll have to do if they need to directly access Seller Central.

On another front - I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon implement some sort of additional user security checks in the future to stop multiple users using a single account. Therefore it might be prudent to take the more difficult choices now and find a solution that will work even if they then do it.

Just some thoughts anyway :slight_smile:


Agree I use Zenstores as a 3rd party shipping solution so I have no problems with staff viewing orders


I need to do some more research. However, the microsoft authenticator app appears to allow more than 1 mobile phone / user…might be the solution!


All you need to do it text the code to any one who needs it.


Just opened a Zenstores account, let’s see how it goes.

Might have to wait a bit for any orders to come in though :slight_smile:


Been with Zenstores 7 years now . never had a problem with them and the time its saved me integrating my orders Hope it works as well for you :ok_hand:


Hi - setup a single secondary Amazon user account and use an authenticator app for 2FA rather than mobile phone number. When you setup the 2FA for the secondary user account the first time take a print out of the 2D barcode - you will then be able to setup the authenticator app on multiple devices / phones using the same 2D barcode.

The only security issue is when an employee leaves they will have the 2FA still coming to their app/phone and you cannot delete the secondary user account (because other employees are using it). I guess if you change the password on the single secondary Amazon user account each time an employee leaves that would deal with it.


I am confused, 2FA has been mandatory for a long time. Does it mean that starting from 01/12/2022 there will be no tick-box “do not ask again on this device”?


Just chipping in again to vouch for Zenstores, they have been a godsend and been with them for years


Why can’t you forward your employees the verification sms you receive on your phone?


That’s what I’ve assumes as obviously the tick box doesn’t make it mandatory after the first instance of 2FA, you can avoid it. Now you would need to 2FA every time you login.


We have no mobile signal where we live ,


You can download the authenticator app


You can use an authenticator app


We have had 2FA on for many years now and use an authenticator app which can be added to multiple devices for the same login.


@Elusive That’s what I thought.
My Phone, My PC and My Laptop all have 2 Step Verification enabled. And if I’ve cleared Cookies, History etc I go through the Verification process again and check the box this device doesn’t need verification
Maybe it wasn’t Mandatory and now it is.

Unless someone can tell me if its something different?


I think the same as you
I’ve always bypassed it as I ticked the box for this device doesn’t need verification
When I logged in on a new device I needed 2 step

This morning when I logged in on my usual device, I was prompted for 2 step so for me it seems its already live