Changing Brand on variation listings


hey all,

I need some help with brand registry, so we have been distributing a manufacturers products and they have now agreed for us to manage the brand on amazon on their behalf.

When we originally started selling the products I put my shop name as the brand and would now like to change the brand name to the manufacturers name.

we cant do this through editing the listing as it says its a conflict. we also have rankings and reviews so dont want to delete the listing!

we spoke to SS about this and they sent us the following:

Greetings from Amazon Brand Registry Support,

Thank you for writing back to us with the requested information.

We understand your concern regarding the brand name update of requested ASINs.

Now to update the brand name of the requested ASINs to ‘’, as you are the brand registered seller, you need to update the brand from Inventory.

However, we understand that you are receiving error while updating brand name from Vital Info tab.

In this case, you have to delete and relist the listings again with correct brand name '. However, as the requested ASINs are in variation, if you delete and relist the listings one by one, ASINs will be removed from variation.

To avoid this, please perform a full update via feed template upload for all the requested ASINs with the correct brand name ‘Matty’s Candles’, UPC, product type, title, description,etc.).
Help Page:

Once updated, the correct brand will reflect on the detail page within 24 hours.

Your understanding and cooperation will be appreciated in this regard.

Have a good day.

i’ve never uploaded using a feed template, any help here will much appreciated.

P.s: we want to link the products to the brand so we can create a shopfront etc.



Whenever any of your product’s features change, you need to create a new product listing with a new UPC barcode.

Here is the relevant Amazon policy:

You must not use an existing listing for a new version of a product. This includes changes in color, size, material, features, and product name. Instead, create a new product detail page for each new version. For example, a manufacturer updates its streaming media player by adding a new remote control with four buttons instead of two. This is materially different from the older version. It must be listed as a new ASIN.