Changing legal name headache


Hi All,

So I registered for VAT a few weeks ago and decided to enable the VAT calculation service. They rejected my submission because the provided company name was Acme 123 when it should have been Acme AB 123 Ltd.
Acme 123 is our operating name, whereas Acme AB 123 Ltd is the full company name.

I have been trying to get it changed but apparently I will have to do an “account transfer”.
In order for this to happen I have to cease trade, clear all payments so my balance is 0 and then I can do the transfer. This is of course absolutely ludicrous and will take weeks to complete.
I will lose a month’s worth of business and not to forget all that effort to increase ranking/sales/advertising affecting my listings significantly.

I cannot change the company name in settings either, there is no option to do so.

Has anyone experienced this before ? or have any advise on this matter ?